With Every New Resident Evil Comes A New Typo

Remember that typo on the box art for Resident Evil: Revelations? The one even publisher Capcom admitted was "embarrassing"?

Check out the series' latest gaffe, spotted on the front page of GameFAQs by Twitter user @cvxfreak. Either they meant to say "mercenaries" or they've just straight up thrown subtlety out the window. Merchandising, merchandising!


    "merchenaries" is a Freudian slip if ever I've heard one. Still, all my money.

      Probably some exec's finger slipped on drool while he was typing it out like a ouija board.

    The Merchenaries would be an awesome army led by the Merch from Penny Arcade.

    I still see a giraffe getting a blowjob in that logo.

      OMG what has been seen cannot be unseen!

    A return of RE4s Merchant would be fantastic.

    The last of the Mercheeenaries

    Maybe it's a portmanteau, created from Merchandising Mercenaries. They're mercenaries that are hired to promote your products without any concern for a pesky thing like ethics or the rules. The ultimate in plausible deniability! Buy one now! It is rumoured that they are forever fighting against their hated enemies, the Spruikers.

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