Woman Caught Stealing Video Games After Selling Them Back To Store She Stole Them From

Stealing is wrong. That's pretty much universally understood. But going back to the store you just stole from, to sell them the goods you took? Well, that takes a certain kind of chutzpah. And it also gets you caught.

Police in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, report that a woman went into a video game store (called, appropriately, The Video Game Store) on Tuesday and stole several Nintendo DS games. At the actual time of the theft, she was not caught and store employees apparently did not notice the missing merchandise.

However, the 29-year-old woman returned to the store later that same afternoon and sold the games back to the shop (for a total of $US34), at which point employees realised she looked familiar and went back to scan earlier security tapes. On reviewing the tapes, they discovered the theft and notified the police, who later arrested the woman.

She had provided clerks with another person's state ID card when selling the games back to the store, and so in addition to charges of retail theft, she now faces charges of forgery and theft by deception.

Police: Woman stole video games, sold them back [Citizens' Voice]


    Wow. What kind of fool goes back to the same store? At least the criminals in Australia have the savvy to go to the other store down the road.

      They don't say they always return to the scene of the crime for nothing.

    She would have gotten away with it if she went to another store... and for $34... WTF

    I'm not entirely sure who the real criminals are there, considering you get peanuts back for decent games regardless of their condition.

    I'm kidding, I don't condone petty theft.

    "You wouldn't shoot a policeman...and then steal his helmet....and then go to the toilet in it...and then give it to his grieving widow...and then steal it again!"

    "theft by deception". They just can't stop making up these ridiculous oxymoronicesque infractions.

    Lol @ $34

    after watching some American show about crack addicts I've actually heard of a similar technique to this being popular among druggies. They go through a bin located outside the store looking for receipts, once they find one they go inside the store and steal the item that is on the receipt, they then return to the store with the item and receipt asking for a cash refund.

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