Worst Game Ever? Well Don't Pay For It!


    Only 29 words and he still didn't read over it to check for errors? How does this guy still have a job?

      Are you talking about "Superman 64 is regarded by man, and rightly so, as..."

      Because that sentence does make sense. You might expect "many", but it also works as it is. Eg, "one small step for man..."

        That was meant to be "one small step for A man" but Lance Armstrong messed it up as he was stepping out. I don't think all of mankind considers this game to be worthless.

        Also doesn't explain who pays for his 30-word 'articles'.

          Lol lance Armstrong

      Do you guys really care this passionately about this kinda stuff? I don't really understand. Also, what would you prefer as an alternative? Do you want him to fluff out his article just to share this image? Let's be honest, there is nothing else to add to the image because the image speaks for itself - 29 words is more than enough.


      I'm usually all for pointing out Luke's shortcomings as a "journalist"/blogger, but I found this pretty funny and wouldn't have otherwise seen it. Instead of posting all this stuff individually, I think Kotaku would be better off posting it collectively, a la Sunday Comics.

    I'd love to play this just to see how bad this is

      I've seen clips of it, and it's certifiably sh1thouse.

    This is exactly how I feel about Waterworld on Virtual Boy. Such a fucking horrible game, and yet time and time again people are paying well over $100 for it. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

    luke.... are we going to find your stories on today tonight where even they could pick you apart for journalism standards?

    I remember when this came out. At the time, all my Nintendo fanboy friends would defend the n64's lack of titles by saying the console only had quality titles. I always wanted to force them to sit and play this game for 24hrs straight to make them see the error of their ways.

      I'm not a fanboy, I've had various consoles from all of the major manufacturers (Nitendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft) and I can honestly say the N64 did have much better games than the PS1. I never felt a lack of games because I had titles like Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Party that provided endless hours of entertainment to me and my friends. We never got together to play PS1 in the way we did the N64, and its not because we didn't have the option. On top of that it also had some of the most highly regarded single player games of all time.

      Conversely, the PS2 was the console of choice for group get-togethers in the next generation.

    Luke Plunkett is the new Brian Ashcraft, apparently.

      Yeah, Superman 64 IS a pretty bad game..

    Do you just post shit you see on reddit? This is pathetic.

    As has been pointed out before - Luke is a content provider, not a journalist.

    Pack of hyaenas. Get out from behind your keyboards and go buy a gun.

    Wikipedia link goes to a 404. Here's the actual link:


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