Would You Buy A Skyrim Hug Pillow?

So many Japanese games have hug pillows — even game voice actresses do. Western games, however, come up short in the hug pillow department. That's something this Japanese April Fools' joke appeared to remedy.

Yep, you are looking at a phoney Skyrim hug pillow mock-up that features Lydia, your in-game "companion". It should cost ¥18,450 and should be made from "smooth" polyester. "Should" if this were real, but it's not.

Out of all the game collectibles gamers can buy of Western titles, hug pillows are sorely under represented.

スカイリム 「リディア 抱き枕カバー」発売決定!! [BuildForce]


    Except that looks hideous while Japanese art can be attractive.

      .... creepy weeaboo. Do you think real women smell too?

    I don't think my wife would approve.

      I don't know about that ass. My wife would be pretty upset if that was the sort of ass I want to rest my head on......and that underwear is so not the g-strings that you see in skyrim.

        Well... I guess that depends on which mods you have installed.

    seriously, I didn;t even know there was such a thing as a gaming hug pillow before this. If you're going to go to the trouble of buying one of those why not just pony up for a geek themed real Doll instead? At least they're meant to be stained.

    I knew she was kinky kitten the first time I saw her.

    Objects are made by men, and used for many purposes. But we never love objects.

    Looks terrible, doesn't look anything like a real woman's body . Doesn't look like it was made by anyone who has experience with a real woman's body.

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