Xbox 360 Gets Two Shiny New Chrome Control Pads

Complementing the limited edition chrome controller released previously (the one with the improved d-pad), Microsoft will be releasing two more of the model next month.

There'll be a red one and a blue one, to go with the existing silver model. All three will feature a chrome finish and the better d-pad, and all three will cost around USD$55.

I'm really hoping these are the next Xbox's control pads. Not the colour, necessarily, just the functionality.


    Dayum... soooo... sexy...

      My thoughts exactly.. but knowing how much my hands sweat in summer time, I can just imagine how they would look after a session :\

        I honestly don't care - i just want one! lol

    These are pretty awesome. I already have three control pads, but am very tempted to buy a fourth now. Also, I've got Rayman Origins.

    *swoon* *faints*

    Damn those are sexy... and theyre the rotating pads too!!! Only one of my 3 controllers is the rotating D Pad and I want at least 1 more for fighter games so sweet! :D

    My eyes! Those colours burn! Look cool! My OCD prevents me from owning controllers not the same colour as the console though. Also no need for improved dpad.

    These look sooooooooo slick. I want all 3 of them.... and now!

    I've owned 6 controllers. Some got rage-thrown, others just worn into dust haha. I've got the the new D-Pad one, but I dropped it a few months ago and it's never been the same.

    I need a 7th.

    I would like one please. Thank you.

    What the hell is this?? 4 fifths of this 'article' were just pictures! Blah journalism standards are low blah blah blah you've wasted 20 seconds of my precious time blah blah never visiting this site again blah blah Luke I hate you so much but I'm obsessed about you and wanna have your babies blah blah

    Seriously though, these colours are pretty sexy, so's that Mario Galaxy effect.

    Is this just a ploy to sell off the leftovers from the star wars console?

    Better than the previous chrome controller, because the face buttons are colour coded again as they should be.

    Nice controllers but who needs them when the previous lot they made work just as well.

    damn! i just bought a new controller recently too :(

    There are 3 new chrome controllers NOT 2, silver, blue and red - the "existing" controller with transformable d-pad is not chrome - it is matte silver but not chrome. Just correcting that info.

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