Yes, This Is Andy Warhol Painting Deborah Harry On An Amiga

These days, we remember Commodore's Amiga system for its games. Classics like Cannon Fodder. In 1985, though, the company had grander plans.

In this bizarre live demonstration as part of the machine's launch, artist Andy Warhol, only two years before his death, sits down and "paints" a portrait of former punk idol Deborah Harry using the computer.

It's about as awkward as it sounds.


    Awkward? Luke, that's one of the greatest artists of the time working on one of the highest-end consumer graphics computers available at the time. I know it's nice living here in the future, but get a little perspective will you mate.

      Calm down good sir, I understand where he is coming from - by today's standards it's awkward.

      Sounds awkward to me.
      Not knowing his experience with computers at the time, drawing on them with isn't an easy thing to just pick up and do.
      Also, graphics programs and computer specs in general in '85 weren't terribly great either.

      I agree, saying that this fusion of talents is namely 'awkward' is pathetic, this is an amazing thing but non-creative minds aren't going to get it

      excatly! ;-) I started on Amigas!!!

    Deluxe Paint. I'd pretty much forgotten all those hours of headaches on a fuzzy CRT tv.

    I thought it was more on the charming and amusing end of the spectrum. Warhol was candidly hilarious.

    Brings back fond memories of drawing pixel art on my A500
    HAM mode used to blow me away with it's thousand or so colours!

    When I was about 5 (late 80's) my sister and drew a scene of some sort for mothers day with our A500. That much effort has (very unfortunately) never been repeated.

    The Amiga was such a great machine - light years ahead of anything else at the time...and the games! Speedball2, Zool, Alien Breed, Rainbow Islands, Pinball Dreams, Bards Tale, F18, Barbarian, Virus, Sentinel, Populous - so many great titles...and the hacking/cracking scene was legendary! Pity it's a right bastard to emulate though :-(

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