You Could (And Should) Be Playing AirMech Right Now

In AirMech, you play as a robot that transforms into a plane. You play from a top-down view shooting stuff up, sort of like an arcade shooter, except it's a real-time strategy game.

You can watch the five-minute video here to hear the game's creative director James Green explain AirMech while he plays it. Or, you could open up a browser in Chrome, go to the Chrome App Store, look for AirMech (it's here), add the game's app to your browser and start playing the beta right now.

Your choice. Either way, enjoy!

AirMech is in public alpha on Chrome. It's also in a private alpha on PC. Green hopes to bring the game to consoles and maybe Vita as a downloadable game some time in the future, too.


    Aw c'mon man I'am at work, don't show me this it'll get me fired!

    Sucessor to mega drive game herzog zwie? I loved that game back in the day this game looks very similar
    Herzog even had split screen pvp,

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