Another Look At The Mass Effect Anime

I happen to be a big fan of anime, and I also like Mass Effect, but when I heard about the upcoming Mass Effect anime my inital reaction was negative. That was, until I head who was involved. Like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or Eden of the East? Because the folks behind those stellar animes are involved with Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

Director Atsushi Takeuchi has quite the resume, having worked on the original classic Ghost in the Shell and, more recently, Appleseed: Ex Machina and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The above video is a cool look at the anime itself. It's mostly a series of early character sketches, but provides an insight into what we might expect visually from the Mass Effect anime.

Thanks VG247!


    hmmmm... I do love Eden of the East...

    Production I.G. is the go-to company for anything western and they're actually not that good any more. They can animate stuff well, but it usually comes out soulless and artificial due to the fact they seem to only care about the visuals.

    What matters isn't who's animating, it's who's directing and who's writing, and how much budget they've got.

      Also, Atsushi Takeuchi is a designer and animator, this Mass Effect project is the first thing he's actually been in the director's chair for.

        That's a good call actually.

        I really enjoyed Eden of the East though.

          Eden of the East was fantastic. The TV series that is.

          The first movie was allright, but the second one was terrible and annoyingly left it open for more. Kinda annoyed me.

    I only just realised that's Javik not some random Prothean. I wonder how they'll manage to work him into the plot.

    *waits for the day one DLC joke*

      I think it's actually a Collector, they're important in Vega's past (and the plot of the anime).

    Ahhhh I get it, this is going to be based around that mission that Vega was talking about where he gnxrf ba n pbyyrpgbe onfr naq gura guvatf tb nyy crne funcrq sbe uvz.
    (Rot13'd for your pleasure.)

    The sketch badge almost reads as "Forever, Molman!"

    I'll watch this, but I'm not expecting much. It'll probably be lame like those anime X-Men/Iron Man animes that all came out awhile back.

      I didn't really like the plots of those but you've got to admit, anime Iron Man looked pretty damn awesome.

    Didn't Product I.G. produce Guilty Crown? How I would love for an Asari Inori.

    i hope it comes out something similar to a guilty crown/Jormungand mix, that would be good

    I want a new Ghost in the Shell series... (with better english dubbing ><) This sounds interesting too !

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