Yup, The New Counter-Strike Has Surfing In It

"Surfing" is a strange little quirk that's long been available in the Counter-Strike series. Those wondering if it'll make the jump to the latest version, Counter-Strike: GO, yes, it has made the jump.

Player MitchellS has ported venerable CS map surf_greatriver_remix to Global Offensive, and has made it playable for those in the beta. You can see it in action in the video above.

"Surfing" dramatically changes the way you play the game. Join a surfing server and the corridor shooter you're used to playing disappears, replaced with something much faster and chaotic.

Port of the classic "surf_greatriver_remix" to Global Offensive [Game Banana, thanks Moskeeto!]


    Now all we need is BHOP, DR, JB, ZE, and Minigame server/gametype confirmations to work and I'll be happy :D

      Indeed, must not forget about minigames! :D

      ZE and ZM are the best lol. dont forget WC3 servers.
      hopefully they put oilrig as a map. always wished they had more vip maps.

      No we don't you scrubby scrub.

    Funny-looking "surfing". Have they not used the word "skiing" because that's what it's called in Tribes?

      Nah they never did, it was always "surf" maps for as long as I can remember. These go back to the CS 1.6 days

    I could never get the hang of surfing.

      Gosh darn it neither could I! I was always fascinated by could never figure out how to get started.

        Run, jump, slide.

    I did a Turd this morning and it looked better than this game...

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