Zynga Posts $85 Million Loss

Love-to-hate-em social game developer Zynga has posted a loss of $US85.4 million during the period of January-March 2012.

Recent months have proven to be a rough patch for the company, with strife breaking out after their acquisition of Draw Something developer OMGPOP and insiders, including the company's founder, looking to unload their stock.

Zynga spent the quarter moving slowly away from Facebook and focusing on mobile games like Draw Something, Words With Friends and Drop 7, as well as acquiring OMGPOP and releasing their own social network.

Will this plan help the company turn profitable again?

[Insert joke about telling X number of friends to help the company turn profitable again.]

Zynga hit with $US85 Million Loss [Edge]


    haha, i hope the b***ards just end already

    Who would have thought that micro-transaction-driven-operant-conditioning-non-games would ever go out of fashion? There's hope for humanity yet.

      Next stop, Free to Play!

    1 million dollars of that being wasted on the boss for over the top security, dumb assed hipsters with money

    Quick, Zynga is in need of financial support! We must give this soulless corporation all of our money through our micro transactions because this is apparently the future of gaming, as everyone's been saying for the last couple years. I'd hate for them to be wrong... *sarcasm*

      we could always start a kickstarter! :p

    $85million loss after buying OMGPOP for ~$215m? I certainly wouldn't consider them to be lacking revenue! Without that purchase they would've made what? ~$130m?

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