2 Million People Played The Diablo III Beta

That is a pretty terrifying number — two million people actually played the beta for a video game. Not the actual video game, just the beta. Wow.

As reported by Joystiq, Activision's earnings recent call revealed the humongous statistic.

"We recently conducted an open beta stress test for Diablo 3, where anyone could download and try out the game," said Blizzard President Michael Morhaime. "The response we got was huge, with more than two million people worldwide participating in the open beta."

It speaks to the incredible hype surrounding Diablo III and its impending release. It also speaks to people love of getting access to stuff early. Usually these things appeal to a core, niche audience — but two million? I'd say that's stretching things a little. Either the core audience of Diablo is incredibly large, or more and more people are becoming savvy about these kinds of things.

It's been funny watching what betas have slowly evolved into. To begin with it was about gaining information and testing connection speeds, balancing issues and what not. Now it's more like an interesting type of marketing. It's great, don't get me wrong. In fact I love it — what better way to get word out about your game than to simply let them try it for a while?

Two million people... that is massive.


    And it was fricken awesome mr bigglesworth!

    It was so good.

    Really impressive number, wow. Next week is going to be BIG

    Fingers crossed their servers are up for it. As long as I can log in relatively quickly I'll be happy. If not I'll be unhappy.

      I read some where that the most you'll have to wait is 40 seconds but make sure you organise your battletag early and install the game earlier ( if you can) cos theres a first day patch...

        Yeah, I read the patch is under 100mb I think - which hopefully won't be too bad. Might have to cut from work a little early...hmmm...

          The installer unlocks earlier (at about 1am on the 15/05/12 - Australian EST) so you should be able to install it before you head off to work.

        I believe that after 40 seconds you get an error and have to re attempt connection

    Im going to go with blizzard has a massive audience.

    2 miilion to stress test. Let's not confuse the "open beta weekend" with actual beta testing. Diablo 3 went Gold when they announced the release date (2 months in advance, so probably the 15th March). That's printing installer to disc.
    That's effectively the end of the Beta period. I have no doubt that there was still testing and information gathering taking place, but that's all for future patches (incl. day one patch). So the open weekend was not really part of the Beta testing.

    But yes, open weekend stress test is a fantastic way to hype your game.

      Because the only aspect of a release is that the disk goes gold ...

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