30,000 Dominoes Collapsed To Bring You This Insane Nintendo Video

It's hypnotic. So many dominoes. So many Nintendo icons being made out of dominoes doing nothing but lining up then falling over.

The Pokeball is probably the highlight, but the Majora's Mask one is pretty great as well.

And before you ask WHY SONIC, the creator says "We have enjoyed the sonic games on Nintendo Consoles since the early 2000s". So there.

Nintendo Special!!! - 30,000 Dominoes - Shanesdominoez & Dieckdomino [YouTube]



    That shit cray!

    A shame that some rows didn't fall at 'THE END' lol

    This is cool and all, but, uh...
    This was posted already last week.

      I wondered where I saw this before.

        Same, I was about halfway through this when I thought 'hang on...this is familiar!' :p

    I long for the day where Kotaku US is listed as the source for one of their reruns.

    Why this wasn't called Nintendominoes, I'll never know.

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