40,000 Orthodox Jews Fill New York Stadium For Internet Rally

Sunday afternoon at New York's Citi Field, and the stands are full to capacity. They're packed not with New York Mets fans, though. They're packed with 40,000 Orthodox Jews, there to attend a rally against the more nefarious aspects of the internet.

These amazing images, snapped by Getty photographer Mario Tama, capture the rally in full swing, as the all-male crowd listened to addresses warning against the potential dangers of social media, online pornography and other aspects of uncensored web use.

Don't get the idea it was a rally against the internet itself. The event couldn't have been organised without online correspondence, kosher apps were being advertised and those among the Orthodox Jewish community in New York who couldn't attend were able to watch events via webcast.


    Scary stuff. Like a bunch of zombies or robots or something.

      Not letting any females go? Or was it coincidence that all 40,000 were male.

        Sexisms alright when it's for religious reasons.

          I would say 99% of Orthodox Jewish women don't consider themselves discriminated against.

            I would say 99% dont know any better.

              I would say 99% would think better is subjective.

                I would say 99% have been indoctrinated from an early age to think that.

      How do they look anymore like a bunch of zombies or robots compared to say, the normal sports crowd that would be Citi Field?

    Where's Eric cartman when you need him?

      Ahahaha that's the first thing I thought!

      Seriously this looks just... downright weird.

    There's pornography on the internet?

    All these years I've been going outside for my pornography... thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      ...and James Mac was never heard from again.

        He went on to become the world arm-wrestling champion.

    Come on everyone let's rally against reason!

    Did they.. achieve anything?..

      They successfully demanded that the internet begin gaussianing photos of phallic objects into oblivion, hence the blurry-ass aeroplane photo.

    Some pretty impressive beards there.

    ahahahahaha this is fucking hilarious
    by "this" i mean the article and comments, not the jews. I reckon they look pretty dope.

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