This Weekend Only: 66% Off Tropico 4, Its DLC And The Game’s Free To Play

This Weekend Only: 66% Off Tropico 4, Its DLC And The Game’s Free To Play

Talk about a sweet deal. Right now you can play the heck out of the full version of Kalypso’s Tropico 4 on Steam over the weekend. If you decide it’s not your cup of java, no sweat. But, if you find its blend of oil, tobacco and banana republics up your alley, you can buy it for $US13.59, a 66 per cent saving off its regular $39.99 price.

All of the game’s DLC is also on sale, each one $US1.69, with the exception of the more recent Modern Times expansion, which is $US14.99.

There are worse ways you could spend your weekend — fishing for grenades in a pond full of lava, say — so if you’re keen on strategy games and haven’t looked up Tropico previously, here’s a good opportunity to get in without disintegrating your wallet.

Save 66% on Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition [Steam, via RPS]


  • Tropico 1-3+expansions/DLC are also on sale even though they don’t make a point of it being a franchise discount:
    Tropico Reloaded $2.37
    Tropico 3: Gold Edition $5.09

  • Just remember to mute voices the moment they mention elections.

    If I hear one more thing about completing the five year plan in four years….

  • Hmm, they still want $15 for Modern Times.

    I’m a HUGE Tropico 3 fan, I have a ridiculous number of hours logged on that, but the way they released Tropico 4 as a very barely updated T3, then all the DLC started to flow has left a very bad taste in my mouth. T4 is definitely worth the sale price here, but I’m pretty reluctant to reward this kind of sales model by buying the DLC. Frustrating.

    • Ah, thanks for the thoughts. I was reading elsewhere, maybe here, that T4 is just a fancier T3, and since I already have T1-3, I was thinking if T4 would be worth my time and money. Seeing as I’ve played the crap out of T3 and the only thing that would make it worth the money is the Modern Times update.

      I notice that Modern Times is 25% off, but still a bit steep for one on a budget.

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