A Behind The Scenes Look At The Mass Effect 3 Trailer

You might remember the above Mass Effect 3 CG trailer, a stirring three minute montage opening with a young girl playing in a field, ending with the collapse of multiple skyscrapers. FX Guide has put together a really intensive look at how that trailer was made — featuring interviews with the creators, and some really cool looks at some of the teams behind the scenes work. Very interesting stuff.

It goes extremely in-depth, opening with a look at the motion capture process, before going into detail on every aspect of production.

If you have any interest in animation or any aspect of creative production, this is well worth taking a look at.

Cinematics case study: Mass Effect 3 [FX Guide]

Thanks Ian


    Why wasn't the final mission like that?

    Shepard leading thousands of soldiers on foot, smashing the Reapers apart :(

    Didn't even get our forests of Dragons Teeth.

    Did anyone else find that trailer to be complete soulless cliche?
    Actually, it's a good metaphor for the EA production process.

    WTB more femShep, less Ashley. And Tali with an alien face tyvm.

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