A Bonus 25 Minutes' Worth Of Cave Johnson Talking At You, Not To You

Portal 2's latest DLC doesn't just include the chance to create your own maps, it includes the chance to run around them hearing the delightful JK Simmons - aka Cave Johnson - command, dictate and berate you senselessly with almost half an hour's worth of new content recorded just for the level creator.

If you think sitting and just listening to this for 25 minutes is boring, boy, you're about to miss out.

[Portal 2] All New Cave Johnson Lines (Perpetual Testing Initiative - DLC2) [YouTube, via TDW]


    Him or Wheatley would battle it out for the best voiceover since The Fallouts....


    "...went by the name Hurcules."


    "A resonance cascade --, you're supposed to be scientists!"

    "Chariots chariots."

    So very, very good!

    That was brilliant. And to think Half-Life is set in the same universe as this madness.

    "Homosapiens .... you'll know when the testing starts". LOL. My favourite line from P2 just got better.

    "Damn that kid's creepy!"

    "Meow meow".

    "Who's ready to rule the wasteland!?"

    "Chariots chari ... look it's me!"

    Asparagus world lol.

    "If you find a pesoverse you keep walking".

    Once again Valve shows the world how it's done.

    .... are you watching this EA world!!???! This is how it's done!

    This is the way god would talk if he was Cave Jonson.


      In some universes, God *IS* Cave Johnson.

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