A Final Fantasy Tattoo, In Memory Of A Fallen Soldier

Last June, the brother-in-law of reader Taylor was tragically killed in action while serving in Afghanistan. He had been due in September to return home and join Taylor in getting tattoos.

While he never made it back, Taylor decided to go ahead and get a tattoo done anyway, only now it would be done as a memorial.

Because the pair bonded while playing Final Fantasy XI - "it was the thing that made me see him more as my brother and not just a guy dating my sister" - Taylor got his brother-in-law's character emblazoned across his shoulder, complete with dog tags around the chocobo's neck.


    An epic tattoo and great memorial of sorts.

    Great tatto. Black mages are awesome. I never played FFXI but I loved Vivi Orunitia in FFIX.

    Sad that the guy lost his brother in law.

    Just getting into this whole memorial tattoo thing.

    Lost my brother -in-law in a tragic construction accident last April, and I'm eventually going to get Vault Boy on my shoulder, probably. So I know that feeling. Gamer brothers are the best.

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