A First Look At The Kingdoms Of Amalur Studio's New MMO

While they may be having their share of financial problems lately, but the Kingdoms of Amalur creators 38 Studios are still working on new games.

Specifically, they're working on a massively multiplayer game called Project Copernicus, which the governor of Rhode Island announced will be released in June 2013.

The studio has just released this fly-over video, which gives a sense of the world of Project Copernicus. Well, it is very colourful, isn't it?

I kind of wish we could get all of our video game release-date announcements from politicians, you know?


    I thought this company was fucked???? Is this game still coming??? How can they be making new games when they can't even pay their staff...

      Yeah... I suspect our first look at their MMO may also end up being our last look at it.

    why is everyone (yes I'm generalising, get over it) trying to get on the MMO band wagon?

      I think this song will explain your question


        Hell, why is 38 Studios getting on the MMO bandwagon? Don't they realise how expensive AAA-style MMOs are? They could do a free-to-play one on the budget they've got, but they're not doing that. Co-op would be much simpler and probably more lucrative.

          uhh they were created to make an MMO, the single player game actually came along later. They started work on the MMO way before they started work on KoA

    Looks nice enough, just those three letters get me, MMO. Whatever happened to the magic 4 letters? co-op

      what about rpg? solely co-op games suck, mainly because i can't play them as i am a lonely soul :(

    Nice world design, but what sort of game is it in the end? Because if it's just another push button magic happens WoW clone then it's going to fail. Hard. But if they take the action combat from Amalur over for example it could be quite exciting.

      I will eat my hat if it isn't a WoW clone.

        Ditto! BUT if it had Armalur styles combat... I'm in!

          I concur!

      i have never played an MMO before but if its exactly like KoA just bigger, then i think i will cave in and buy it

    There's not that much to take from the video without characters and animations but at first glimpse it looks very pretty. Great art design for a fantasy MMO. Can't wait for more <3 Copernicus <3

    Reckoning style Action combat or fail.

    If I remember correctly didn't Studio 38 wanted to realse Kingdom of Amalur MMO after the game was released?

    I guess this is it.

    yay! good news for a change! thats what i needed to hear

    loved the video. it takes KoA further by making the cities bigger and more imposing and ramped up the detail. yes it looks cartoony but i like that, my fave part of KoA. i think i also spotted the kollasae!!!

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