A Horror Game In Which You Play As A Two-Year-Old

A Horror Game In Which You Play As A Two-Year-Old

This is the video game trailer that the people I follow on Twitter have been buzzing about all day. It’s for Among the Sleep. It’s a horror “experience” played in the first-person perspective. You’re just two years old.

Official description from the people making the game: “In Among the Sleep you take on the role of a young child. You have yet to develop a full sense of reality, making you weak and susceptible to the horrifying creatures inhabiting your nightmares. One particular night, a dramatic event occurs, forcing you to flee from your home and enter a surreal world. Only accompanied by Teddy, you must overcome many hardships to stay alive and find a way home.”

The game is set for a 2013 release on PC and Mac and the Norweigan developers at Krillbrite Studio want to clear a couple things up: “You will not be crawling 100 per cent of the time; this is mostly something you chose to do (to reach places and hide from dangers, etc). And finally, to some of you silly people, it’s not a first-person shooter. There will be no guns, we are untruly sorry.”

More, please!

Recapping the last 24 hours [Krillbite Studio]


  • Interesting idea, but I can’t see this working. The trailer has some one playing the part, hiding and pretending to be frightened but there is nothing to hurt the child. Is there more information about what the mechanics are that encourage the player to behave in that manner and not just wander through the house without a care in the world?

    • Mmm. Is the whole game a trick, where you can just walk straight through without harm because it’s all in your head, because you’re a two year old who doesn’t understand anything? If that was the case, and everything is imagined, death would feel cheap.

      Without danger, I can’t see the game working. And I can’t see the game working with danger either :s

    • I’m sure there will be something threatening thrown in. Would be truly pointless if it was just ‘wander around aimlessly.’

      I think it looks promising. The atmosphere is pitched quite nicely, with comfortable surrounds behaving strangely. And the twist on perspective does add another element to considering the game, the least of which is as a comparison to the man-hulks that usually are in-game characters.

    • I’ve you’ve played Amnesia then you’d know the main thing that makes these games scary is being totally vulnerable. If you were to wander around that house, you wouldn’t know if there’s an actual chance of death or not, is its that tension of knowing that there could be something around the next corner that makes it so frightening.

      It all depends on how much you get into it as well, as by rights, if you didn’t care enough then your statement would apply to Amnesia as well.

    • I imagine it’s probably going to be something similar to the mechanics of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. A combination of scripted sequences and something like that mechanic where looking at a monster makes you go CRAAAAZY. And by CRAAAAZY, I mean – your perspective gets all wobbly and annoying.
      I hope I’m wrong, because I felt like Amnesia was a bit manipulative in that respect, but this still looks pretty promising.

    • Can’t say whether you ate a gorgon or a ridiculous income protection. Just put your super into a power plant and retire and a nice rubbery flipper.

  • I’m loving the idea behind this. If this plays anything like Amnesia: the dark descent did, its going to be awesome, assuming that you cant fight back with teddy!

  • Interesting idea, it could go eather way, the trailing looks good, but as Sean said, need more information fiurst

  • Yeah I am interested. Really like the different perspective thing, and I am super keen to explore this.. agree with most comments about the need for real danger and also risk/reward, but this is a teaser so taking it for what it is.. I am teased.

  • To those who say they can’t see this game working – seems to me like you just aren’t used anything without guns and twitch aiming LOL.

    Open your mind for once. Not every game is Call of Dooty.

  • Honestly I couldn’t play this. I have nightmares about all the bad things that could happen to my kids (aged 7, 5 and 2). Actually any movies or games where kids are hurt or lost/separated from their parents freaks me the heck out.

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