A Man Chooses, This BioShock Action Figure Obeys

To celebrate the opening of a new, international store for its merch, BioShock developers Irrational are offering this limited edition Andrew Ryan figure.

Well, they call it a figure, but it looks more like a small statue to me.

There are only 200 of them available, and you can make one of them yours for $US100.

Andrew Ryan [Irrational]


    I want one. Badly.
    "...yours for $US100"
    I don't want one anymore.

    To be fair, that's a decent price for a collectable figure, but I don't have $100 spare, and nor do I really want to spend $100 on a figure which doesn't look all that great. It looks like him, yes, but the painting and moulding looks a bit cheap. That's just me, though.

      The pricing is definitely sort of..... Irrational.

        Oh god, you didn't....

    am in
    goes to irrational store
    add to cart
    check shipping cost
    am out

    thease were given to the devs when they finished bioshock ..........alot of fans have wanted one

    Those Bioshock Infinite lithographs look kinda neat.
    Wait, $123.66 to ship a $25 product?

    Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?
    "No" says the man at Irrational Games, "It belongs to developing tacked on mutliplayer and half-arsed DLC".

    Call me a parasite all you'd like but you can cram those prices with walnuts, Mr Levine.

    Looks a bit meh *looks around rest of store* https://store.irrationalgames.com/Product.aspx?pSKU=2K-B2-CROWS-FIG&vSKU=2K-B2-CROWS-FIG OH HO!

    WTF is up with their pricing?!

    I want a shirt but FUUUUUUUUUUCK that

      $73.48 for a shirt to get shipped to Australia. Give me a break.

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