A Red Dead Redemption Ghost Story To Chill Your Bones

They say Red Dead Redemption is haunted, you know. They've said it for years now — ghosts exist in the system, devils and spooks and spectors and maybe even a class-5 full-roaming vapour or two.

I've never encountered any ghosts in the game myself, but I've heard and read enough accounts that I'm willing to believe something spooky is going on.

I still go back to RDR from time to time. I've got a playthrough going where I've turned off the mini-map (which, as I've said before, makes these types of games really cool). I'll wander around, see what I see. Maybe if I'm feeling like it, I'll do a story mission.

The size of the world the Rockstar San Diego created is still fairly mindblowing. There are so many things hidden — a month or so ago I came upon a woman kneeling next to a dead body and a horse. She shot herself in the head as I approached.

... Wow?

Many of the more haunting (and haunted) Red Dead tales centre around the ghost-town of Tumbleweed. There are reports enough of its hauntedness that the Red Dead wiki has a whole page dedicated to rumours about "paranormal" occurrences. Highlights include:

  • At a unknown time of day, footprints appear on the stairs to the cellar in the mansion. if the game is paused, they can clearly be seen.
  • On the first floor of the saloon, a lantern in the corner is floating but you can still destroy it.
  • At 4:03 in the cellar a faint "How do you do?" can be heard. This is proven on many YouTube videos.
  • In the middle window of one side of the church in the bottom right frame appears to be a Satanic looking face. It is hard to make out at first, but is definitely there if one gets the view right. Whether this is a common window texture that coincidentally appears like this or not is currently unknown.

And maybe the spooookiest...

  • In the white bunker house, at night on multiplayer, a white ghoulish figure can be seen in the top window. some gameplay suggests that it is watching the player. When you enter that room upstairs, there is nothing there except a floating lamp.

Over at Kill Screen, Jason Johnson set out in search of ghosts in Red Dead Redemption. He wrote a fun article in which he ponders what it even means for there to be ghosts in a digital creation — after all, many of these just sound like bugs. What do bugs and ghosts have in common? Are we in The Matrix? Etc.

Right before he's ready to give up and call off his paranormal investigation into Tumbleweed, something legitimately scary happens. "After a few minutes," he writes, "I did hear voices. I ran through the halls, looking for ghosts, but the rooms were empty. In the upstairs bedroom, my character started freaking out, pointing his shotgun at thin air and screaming, 'I'll kill you.'"

I couldn't see anything, as I was still facing the door, but I heard a voice right there. So, I decided to try to shoot through the door, and a body fell dead on the floor. I turned around and looted it, just to make sure that it had really happened. At some point, a cluster of bats erupted from a hole in the ceiling. There in the blackness, I saw a pale figure standing, which was barely visible, but clearly staring at me. I killed it too.

I moved forward, into an unknown corridor of the house, where two ghostly men, each dressed in gentlemen's attire, waited. One of them said something to the extent of "You're going to die." And, sure enough, I did. They started firing, and I was too weirded-out to do anything about it. My silhouetted corpse collapsed in a black lump.

Now. I'm not actually spooked out by this story. And I'm not actually going to go back to Red Dead Redemption and see if I can see this stuff for myself.

But OK, yes, I kind of am.

Black Undead Damnation [Kill Screen]

Tumbleweed [Red Dead Wiki]


    This is great. After reading the KillScreen article my mate and I loaded up RDR and travelled to that house.

    Let me just say, we confirmed what he wrote about. Creepy. And awesome.

      Ok, so for real now, does this really work? It all seems very vague... If this is legit I'd love to experience it for myself, but I don't want to waste any of my precious 'game-playing-time' on sitting around for hours for absolutely no reason :-P

    More games need stuff like this in it. It does nothing for the main campaign and many people will overlook it, but someone still put a lot of effort and thought into it to make sure IF you do go there that it will freak the living shit out of you.

    last night Undead nightmare was glitching....I had to go find and eventually kill two zombified deputies...

    except in the cutscenes all the undead were invisible..and the two deputies were undead cougers, marked on the map and everything, I killed them and the game froze...I borke somthing

    too the disc out a couple of times and the same thing happned

      You need to erase your game data (not save games) then put in RDR and update to latest patch. Then install RDR Undead Nightmare only after this is fine.

    Oh, man. That's outstanding. Will definitely have to go exploring next time I'm roaming the west. :P

    This is awesome, if I didn't have to work today i'd be firing up some Red Dead! Maybe it will go down better after work anyway, it'll be dark by then!

    And still after being out for 2 years, I find its one of my favorite games of all time.

    Beautiful, just beautiful. This is what creating a game universe is about. These details may not sell games at the start but they keep the game in gamers hearts for many years to come.

      This. Little things like this are awesome, players LOVE a good mystery in an old game, especially when the devs never talk about it.

    Gonna definitely turn the mini map off in my next open world game I play. Can't wait. Good advice.

    Fuck yea this is awesome! I keep coming back to it too, probably my favourite Rockstar game to date.

    way to rub salt in the wound by marking it as pc!

    The whole el diablo thing and finding spooky images in the cliff sides gave the game a disturbing feeling. That and the abandoned/burnt down houses that sometimes had some cult symbols and your character making some remarks about it made me feel like there was a lot more going on in the game than you get to see.

    Ok ill admit, I tried this last nite & was shitting myself!

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