A Year After Fukushima, This Japanese Mobile Phone Will Detect Radiation

It's been over a year since the Fukushima meltdown. There have been radiation fears and fear-mongering. Both have certainly impacted the lives and psyche of those living in Fukushima as well as people elsewhere.

And now here's a mobile phone that might make things better — or worse.

Sharp's upcoming Pantone 5 mobile phone comes with an onboard radiation detector. The Osaka-based electronics giant listed this as one of the phone's main features at a press conference earlier today, and it even trumpeted how this was the first smartphone in the world to have this feature.

Previously, there were radiation detectors that could be connected as peripherals to smartphones. Sharp figured out how to cram that into the handset, which is due out this July.

Online in Japan, people note that it could lead to a greater culture of fear, while on Japanese video game sites, commenters are already comparing the Sharp phone to Pip-Boy radiation detector from the Fallout games.

"I'd want it if it were shaped like the Pip-Boy 3000," wrote one. "This is like something out of Fallout," wrote another.

This is not something out of Fallout. It's real.

世界初の放射線測定機能付きスマホ「PANTONE 5 107SH」で実際に測定してみました [Gigazine]


    Is it going to detect the radiation coming from the phone itself?

      The radiation phones emit is completely different to harmful radiation such as gamma rays in terms of wavelength, so I doubt it will pick up the phone radiation

    @QA_Rocks assming its a standard geiger counter, then it wont detect radiation from your phone

    Why do I see this selling more units overseas than it will in Nippon?
    Maybe because I'd buy one. :/

    I hope they form a giant crowdsource project pinpointing radiation - similar to what people are posting on www.alttokyo.com radiation pages. Interesting to see initial pricing.

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