"Acclaimed Artist" Actually Just Stole Video Game Images, Printed Them Off

"Acclaimed Artist" Actually Just Stole Video Game Images, Printed Them Off

So an “artist” by the name of Iani Papadopol recently held an exhibition in Romania called “UpDate 3D Loading”. It was a local hit because the “paintings” he showed off were, for a guy nobody had ever heard of, amazing.

Turns out there was a reason for that. He’d stolen them.

The images turned out to be video game concept art from some of the biggest and best names in the field, including Daniel Dociu, Craig Mullins, Mathias Verhasselt and Sparth (click those links to be taken to galleries featuring their awesome work).

Papadopol simply took those existing images, printed them off on canvas and held the exhibition. Worse, the exhibition was held with the intent of selling the pieces.

It’s a double-whammy of a crime; not only is he stealing work from respected artists, but much of that work is also the property of major publishers, making it even more serious than a mere act of artistic plagiarism.

He was quickly caught by alert online fans, but not before local art critics could hail “his” work as “giving shape to three-dimensional art”.

To those local critics, you should really check out more video game concept art. There’s a reason he stole it. It’s often incredible.

“UpDate 3 D loading” — accusation of plagiarism [NTV]


  • “much of that work is also the property of major publishers, making it even more serious than a mere act of artistic plagiarism”
    How so?

  • Everything Craig Mullins has ever done is completely mindblowing.. He’s like a modern day Renaissance artist

  • There have being artists in the past that have done the same thing, but only to discuss how artists re-appropriate imagery into their works. Most of them do it in an obvious or tongue in cheek way. I would love to find out if he was actually trying to make a point of if he was just a common thief :p

  • How can the visitors and the critics not recognize that all the prints was made by different hands?
    An artist can’t work in this outstanding way with so much different styles

  • Gosh for talented it could just surpass skyrim for sure humph but not mine though my mountain’s
    far better amazing then this here.

  • Art. Art critics. What a load. This shows that art critics know absolute JACK about art. To go further, how a few wavy lines can be called art and an amazing painting of the human body is not even commented on or a painting of a landscape for that matter is treated as “so dull”.

    I can not help but think of two things when I hear the word art.
    First: Chip commercial in the 80’s where two art admirers are commenting on a paint using all this technical jargon and saying how wonderful it was….then the artist (eating a bag of chips) turns the painting the right way up.
    Second: A 3 year old does a finger painting and then has it sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a 3 year old’s finger painting for Christs sake. True story by the way.

    • Art is about context, the fact that you are quoting a TV ad doesn’t help your case that you don’t ‘get’ art. Broaden you mind and read about art, you’ll find it’s as much about context (who, when, why etc) as it is about the actual painting/sculpture/whatever. Technical skills are something that can be achieved by practically anyone who can knuckle down and practice, the thing that makes a very small selection of the art in the world so revered (and expensive) comes down to many different factors, not just how realistic it looks.

      I’m not a big fan of the fine art world, despite having studied it for 6+years but i understand how it works, if anything art critics know too much about art, and thus by the time their commentary gets to the majority of the population it’s almost indecipherable. That’s my main beef, there are no in-roads into modern art, it’s supposed to be something that can be experienced by everyone but a lot of the time there is almost a pre-requisite that you know 30000 of art history to be able to understand anything.

  • You guys don’t see this man’s real vision. He stole art, had it put on exhibition and critiqued. That is an art far more ingenious then anything created with colour. Even in his failure and no matter his motives, he has made a statement, he has opened our eyes. That is what art is.

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