Activision And EA Settle Case Over Call Of Duty

Activision and EA have agreed to file a settlement agreement in their dispute over Call of Duty, according to a Bloomberg report.

The settlement is from a countersuit brought by Activision against EA accusing them of attempting to pry Jason West and Vince Zampella away from them. The initial suit was brought against Activision by West and Zampella after the two were fired from Activision in 2010. That case remains unresolved and if anything, appears to have gotten uglier.

The Los Angeles Times' Ben Fritz reports that a joint statement issued today by the two companies reads: "Activision and EA have agreed to put this matter behind them."

Activision, Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare Claims [Bloomberg]


    A CRY FOR HELP !! oh goody, does this mean i will be able to play MW3 multiplayer games now ??????? and possibly even get my spec ops rank REINSTATED to 50??.......that would be nice .over 1 month now ,no mw3 multiplay....getting so desperate, i am CONSIDERING playing SKYRIM...oh god no!! the humanty......

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