Activision Wants To Delay The Big Call Of Duty Lawsuit

Activision Wants To Delay The Big Call Of Duty Lawsuit

The lawyer in Activision’s case against Call of Duty’s creators, Beth Wilkinson, who was only hired last week as a replacement, has asked for the trial’s commencement date to be pushed back by 30 days so she can “get up to speed”. [BW]


  • Of course…..a Plunkett.

    We should just have a ‘short news’ sidebar, where we can get quick updates for useless articles like these.

    • This is an amazing idea. It could even be called the Plunkett bar read similar to “Plunk It”. Makes some sence since “Plunk” means to ‘ throw or place heavily or abruptly’; its a place where short articles are placed/thrown quickly/abruptly like a lot of Luke Plunkett articles seem to be.


    • Unfortunately they can’t/wont. The “web designer” for kotaku aus just used a template from wordpress and made it look pretty.

  • Sigh…. how is this news? Its genraly what happens when a new lawyer comes on board. Its stupied. Luke needs to be fired.

    • It’s also nice justification if they actually wanted to stall the case. Hire a new lawyer and then you get to push the procedings.

      though it seems weird they would want to do so. One would think they want this entire mess gone before they release BO2

  • wow, could at least pad this article a little by recapping on the other movements in the case from this week ie: paying of bonuses owing to a number of ex IW employees , just you know, so its not just a tweet rather than an article.

  • As much as I hate both companies, I want to see EA win this one , all of the former Infinity Ward employees get a load of dosh and see West&Zampella get the rights to Call of Duty and the profits from 3.
    The tears would be glorious.

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