Adult Video Games, S&M Play, Foot-Sniffing Can Drive Away Sweethearts

Hobbies are a personal thing. What might float your boat might not float your lover's. And sometimes, your hobby might repulse them entirely.

An online survey of one thousand revealed what hobbies have caused boyfriends or girlfriends to run far, far away. Those hobbies were largely otaku and fetish related.

Here's a list of hobbies that some of those surveyed said made them pull away:

• "Idol mania," said a 25 year-old female. "I didn't want to be associated with that, so I dumped him." • "Anime otaku," said a 25 year-old male. "I let it be, but I detested it." • "Boy bands," said a 44 year-old male. "I stopped saying bad things about boy bands." • "Liking erotic game Tsurupeta and fanzines," said a 30-year-old female. "And so, I gave a different reason for breaking up." • "S&M play," said a 31-year-old female. "I wasn't really forced to do anything and, well, I let it slide, but I thought there's no way we can get married." • "Her hobby was sniffing feet," said a 37-year-old male. "What kind of hobby is that...?" • "Dressing as a man," said a 26-year-old male. "I was totally repulsed." • "Street racing," said a 28-year-old male. "We broke up." • "Playing cards, pachinko, smoking, mah-jong," said a 23-year-old female. "I want him to stop wasting money." • "Going to cat cafes (cafes with cats to play with) everyday," said a 30-year-old female. "I couldn't go along with that, so we broke up."

Not every couple must share the exact same hobbies. But if you're better half isn't cool with them, that's probably a good sign you both should not be together.

ヲタ、フェチ……ドン引きした恋人の趣味 [My Navi]

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    oh man, why can't we have cat cafes in australia?

    Did one guy say he was repulsed at the idea of dressing up like a man?

      Its a list of reasons people broke up with someone and the reasons why - ie his ex-gf was dressing as a man.

    Makes sense. Everybody has their deal-breakers. And as they say, one person's trash is another's treasure.

    “Going to cat cafes (cafes with cats to play with) everyday,” said a 30-year-old female. “I couldn’t go along with that, so we broke up.”

    Wait Wait Wait..... Cat Cafes???? That's the most brilliant idea in the history of anything ever. Why are these not worldwide? I'm starting a petition, Australia needs cat cafes!

    Bashcraft posted something identical to this a couple of months ago. Must be trying to reach his quota today. ;)

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