Apple Is ‘Not Interested In Being In The Console Business’

Apple Is ‘Not Interested In Being In The Console Business’

You hear rumours of Apple entering the console business once every, oh, six months or so. Maybe that’ll slow down after comments made today by new Apple boss Tim Cook.

“Gaming has kind of evolved a bit”, he said at tonight’s D10 conference talk. “More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we’ll see. Customers love games. I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make that bigger.”

Of course they don’t need a traditional console. With the amount of money Apple’s making from game sales on the iPhone and iPad they don’t need to.

Then again, he does leave the door open at the end there for something else. Who knows, if Apple does go ahead and announce its own TV later in the year, you’d expect games to play some kind of role there, even if it’s just with a dedicated App Store.

Tim Cook: ‘I’m not interested in being in the console business’ [The Verge]


    • Ohh you ‘gamers’ and your weird fanboy/hater culture, it makes me wonder if you are actually interested in games. If any company makes a platform that I can play great games on, I’m interested. Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Valve, Toshiba, Samsung, Miele, Electrolux, Toyota, Woolworths, Baker’s Delight..

  • “More people watch Jersey Shore – why make movies?”.

    Because Jersey Shore is shithouse, crass, and terrible.

    Same logic applies here.

    • Uhh no it doesn’t, because that implies that both the quality of iOS games and console games are a constant (i.e. iOS games = bad and console = good) which we both know is not true.

      And it honestly wouldn’t be a smart move for Apple to make a dedicated gaming console when they have stiff competition from the three companies that have been doing this for a long time. I mean look at Sony, they tried to break into the handheld market, where Nintendo has been the single dominant force and they failed, both the PSP and the Vita have piss poor sales in comparison to Nintendo’s handhelds. (interestingly, Apple have managed to rise up to the challenge of taking them on with their iDevices.)

      If Apple’s going to get serious about providing a gaming service, then they’re going to do it with either a dedicated gaming desktop computer (still highly unlikely) or through Apple TV, which will essentially be the App Store through your TV.

    • are you implying that games in mobile devices are ‘crap’ and console games are ‘good’? It’s console games where the same hollywood shite is endlessly recycled, mobile devices are letting creative devs get interesting game ideas to market easier and make a living from it too. You’ve got it around the wrong way, consoles are where the Jersey Shores of the gaming world are.

      • He’s implying that even though the atmosphere may be , oh, gumboot sam, gangreen imps may or may not undertake a capital diadem of infinite underwear so capricorns can start shifting into a new fruitcake

  • “With the amount of money Apple’s making from game sales on the iPhone and iPad they don’t need to.”

    Apple doesn’t make much money from game sales. They don’t make much of their money from App sales, period. If you look at the profit margin, and attach rates, of games on home consoles, you’ll see the profits are much, much bigger. Think about how much the average person spends on apps, now take tax and the developer’s cut, and Apple are left with a quarter of what was a small amount in the first place. Now think about an iPhone – sells for up to a thousand dollars, costs a few hundred to make. One person would have to spend 2000$ on apps for Apple to even come close to making as much from app sales as they do from the hardware. Apple make their profit from selling hardware, the App Store just makes the hardware more popular.

    So I’d say it probably isn’t worth Apple getting into the console business because of all the money they can make *on iOS hardware* . Apple are a hardware company primarily, and selling consoles at a loss hoping to make it up on games isn’t their way. That being said, I’d love to see an Apple designed console. Or gaming Mac. It will probably never happen though.

    • That might be the case comparing what a publisher earns on a game vs Apple’s cut on the app store, but it’s not the case comparing what a console platform holder might get from a game sale on their platform. Certainly Apple makes more from hardware but that software slice is very lucrative because it involves next to no work or extra investment on Apple’s part.

    • Apple apps are a massive passive income. They take a cut from ever app sold for doing nothing. Smart business model which is very profitable. An apple tv would be there next gateway to console style home gaming

  • They’re not interested in the ‘traditional’ games market because they’re doing their best to kill it and replace it with their App Store.

    • i wouldnt say ‘doing their best to kill it’ – rather ‘they are accidentally killing it’. Theyre not interested in the market – but the developers and the buyers (gamers or otherwise) are. The market decides. And honestly – people are overestimating the ‘massive’ profit that apple is getting from the app store.

      >> “Certainly Apple makes more from hardware but that software slice is very lucrative because it involves next to no work or extra investment on Apple’s part.”
      Of course payment processing and serving the files to the users and maintaining the servers to hold the files and keeping staff to vet and run the app store involves no extra work or investment right? PS – google is in the same boat as well. 30% cut IIRC.

  • Hey.. is there a larger version of that image available? I’ve grown a strange liking to it being a fantastic wallpaper.

  • Apple aren’t interested in getting into the console business. I’m not interested in buying an Apple console. Win-win!

  • Ha! they said then weren’t interested in stylus pens and tablets either and they put a patent for one the other day…

  • The last thing I would want is an itunes style abomination as a UI for an apple console. Personally I find their hardware overpriced & overrated. Good to hear that they will not be entering anytime soon.

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