Are The Diablo III Servers Working? Ask This Android App

Though we seem to be through the worst of Diablo III's humiliating server outages at launch this week, who knows when those things will need to be worked on again. Logging in to and waiting for the credential verification to time out is a long and stupid way of being told you can't play the game.

To that end, someone's drawn up a free app for Android smartphones that gives the status of the servers. Eluamous, the developer behind it, also wrote apps checking the server status of World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. This monitors the status of all Diablo III servers in the US, Asia and Europe.

Diablo III Server Checker [Google Play via PocketGamer.]


    Yeah, the problem here in Australia is not so much "are the servers up", but, is the connection speed to the servers COMPARABLE to the connection speed to non-blizzard servers hosted in the same area.

    Not to mention that there seems to be an issue with the Asia server in which people outside Korea are given lower priority when in the queue to join the server.

    Pardon my ignorance, is it true that Diablo 3 has to always be connected to these servers to be able to be played, regardless of whether it's solo or multiplayer? If so, this is a first - having an app to check whether you will be able to play a single player game.

      Considering all the hoo-ha, I'm suprised anybody didn't know this already. Are you trolling? :)

      Yes, it's true. And Diablo 3 isn't the first to have "always-on drm" . The Assassin's Creed series and even the Neverwinter Nights expansion pack Kingmaker had this "feature"

        Thing is, Assassin's Creed had a simple crack for it. Blizzard makes things so damn complicated we'll probably never see this game offline.

        Sorry, no not trolling. I read an article (on another site) where someone was ranting about this, but given the tone of the article I thought i'd verify. I haven't read much Diablo 3 news because i'm not a fan (I did try Diablo 2 but got annoyed at the constant mouse clicking) and don't really play PC games anymore, so I guess the fact that it actually reached my ears is an indication of how big a hoo-ha has been made.

        I mainly play xbox (offline) so am familiar with Assassin's Creed - but didn't realise the PC version had 'always on'.

          It's not the first single player game to require servers but it's probably the first to contain lag.

    Yup - I'ts the lag that has been killing me - averaging 300-400 is doable. But when it spike - and it does often I'll pup up as high as 1,000ms. When it does I hope that I'm not near anythign that can kill me quickly. So many deaths caused by this - though the worst one was a disconnect. Right after killing a mini boss in ACT 4 I pick up a legendary item, press I to take a look and am disconnected from the server. Of course the item is gone when I log back in.

    Why does this app exist. There is a web page. You can set the web page as a home screen shortcut. And it shows the state of all the servers instantly in an easy to understand layout without you having to enter any region or other data. Not sure about Android but in iOS you can zoom and pan to the part of the page that is relevant to you, e.g. Americas servers, and then set the book mark. Next time you open it it is instantly in the right spot and zoomed in.

    The only thing missing is that the home screen icon doesn't change from a thumbnail to an icon as they haven't set that up. If they made a mobile version of the page to format it better it would render this app 100% redundant.

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