ArmA III Gets Prettier Every Time I See It

DayZ might be the talk of the PC gaming town at the moment, but for all its qualities at the end of the day it's still just a mod. It's using the engine and effects from ArmA II, which play a big part in helping the game achieve its brooding atmosphere.

Thing is, ArmA II came out years ago. Its sequel, ArmA III, is on the way, and for a sandbox game set on a large open world, it looks amazing.

We'll be checking out the game in person at E3 next month. Cannot. Wait.


    The underwater part got my attention the most. Amazing stuff.

    They haven't really improved on the animations . They still look very stiff and CS-like (body stays completely still and legs move in isolation). It is an early build though.

    yerp I agree on the animation front, no real leaps there... :(

      It isn't even alpha yet; Wait for release before jumping to conclusions about the quality of animations.

    lol underwater machine gun not in this day an age buddy.

      The game is set in the future, so you're exactly right.

      Maybe there's some magic underwater bullet tech in the near future?

      Um... a simple google search leads you to this:

      You do realise that some weapons will still fire underwater only certain guys will explode or jam up.

    Bullets travel that far underwater?

      If you have a gun that can fire underwater they can be pretty effective. It's a different story you fire a gun into water though. The surface tension will literally shatter the bullets.

        What are you bullshiting about. Bullets can fire a fair distance into water and continue traveling at a speed that will kill someone.

          myth busterstested it and theyslow down after a coupl of feet or shatter into little bits

    Apparently there will be support for DayZ in ARMA III straight off the bat. I can't remember where I read this though. Awesome news if it's true.

      Arma 3 Devs have said there'll be about another years worth of work after release to get Day Z goign on Arma 3. So maybe they'll look into it as DLC?

      From what I've read, the ArmA III engine is simply a heavily modified ArmA II engine. I've heard that DayZ has been tested on ArmA 3 and works, but I think there would still be a lot of work required to get it even close to what it is currently.

    i will buy this, especially is they do they dayZ mod

    But the real question is will they clean up the controls which to be honest felt little daunting if you were new to the series.

    I'm not impressed really. I mean these sorts of games are huge ad ambitious in scope which is admirable, but take another look at that police car and the fact that its flashing lights barely give off any light. You can make out some red flashing on the hanger wall in the background, but that's it. Maybe there's not enough context for them, but when police cars have come into my street, which has street lights, the flashing blue and red is VERY easy to see as it fills the whole area. I'm curious as to why in a pitch black airfield they barely give off light.

    And then again soon after you see that APC type vehicle firing off but there's no muzzle flash illuminating the vehicle or the ground around it. I don't know, maybe my understanding of this sort of thing is off but it doesn't look like it's graphically superior - just like their past games the maps are huge and that's about it in terms of technical ability.

      I agree. The rock formation the diver swims under doesn't seem to cast much of a shadow either.

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