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    is SAFE with Jason Statham any good?

      Well, it is an exhilarating action picture. And you know what? I heard that The Stath is on top form in it.

      It's the greatest film ever made. An exhilarating action picture.

    Okay so I'm getting a new laptop, bought it with Diablo 3 and GW2 in mind. Any other PC games I've missed out on lately?

      PC exclusive or just games that are good on the PC?

        Looking more into PC only games, like some of those Indie point and click adventure games, or even that JRPG looking game that Tracy loved last year (about the old man or something?).

          I believe the one you're referring to specifically is "To the Moon."

          And apart from that, I'm afraid I can't help you.

          Although, now that I think about it Recettear might be a good fit.

          You should try Magicka. It's pretty awesome.

            So long as he can deal with the fact that it's a buggy PoS. Great fun, but so very buggy.

          Botanicula is a recent indie point and click. It's very charming. Not your standard "open door and use crowbar on old chewing gum and give chewing gum to disgruntled bird" though.

          Legend of Grimrock is an excellent old-school dungeon crawler with modern sensibilities.

          Lone Survivor is a really interesting 2D horror game with a similar atmosphere to Silent Hill.

          Amnesia is probably the scariest experience you'll ever have in a video game.

          Civilization V is an excellent strategy game (and a Steam key can be got for a good price from Green Man Gaming).

          You could try free-to-play shooters like Tribes Ascend or Blacklight Retribution.

          Alan Wake and Skyrim are probably better on PC than they are on console, so you could look into those. Alan Wake is on sale at the moment too. While we're at it, Portal 2.

      I would recommend Sins Of A Solar Empire (Space RTS) and Frozen Synapse (Point and click turn based strategy) .

        Frozen Synapse is excellent. Unfriendly tutorial, and there are important gameplay elements you need to wiki but once you're under way it's one of the purest strategy experiences I've ever played. And it has asynchronous multiplayer too which is great for just taking a turn when you want to and then doing something else.

    Hey guys - i asked this in tay but i'll ask it in here again for non-taybies:

    So basically some commissions for the tees i’ve sold have come in, which means i finally have neough to pick up a Vita memory card – i was originally going to get the 32 Gig model from OGS for $92, but i’m starting to wonder if that will be a waste.
    As most of you know, i’m one of those people who like things that come in shiny packaging, meaning i like to buy most of my games at retail so i can have shiny boxes and books. I just like the physical presence and liquidity.
    Therfore i won’t be downloading games i can get at retail from PSN, especially considereing there isn’t a huge price difference – nor will i really be downloading many PSP games, as i have a PSP for that.
    I will, however, be downloading the other titles that don’t get released phsyically.

    So with that in mind, should i get the 32gig card just in case, or should i just go the 16gig card which is $40 cheaper???

      Stick with the 16gb if you aren't getting games from PSN.
      32gb seems like overkill.

        i'll still be getting some game - but only the ones that are digital only

      I'd buy the 16gig. If you're only buying digital only games as downloads I assume their filesizes aren't too big, so by the time you run out of space there should hopefully be bigger cheaper cards available.

      Totally off topic, but what are these tees and where can I find and/or purchase them?

        It's just a redbubble account :)

          Hey nice! I make shirts etc too, although not really game related per se. Small world I guess!

          Check 'em out at

            url not working! :(

              Damn that's weird? I haven't had any trouble with it not working, I'll have to suss that out.

              Try this, it's a direct link to the store

      hmm i'mm still just as unsure... lol!!
      Damn you, mixed feedback!!!

      Ok.. so if i got a 16 gig now, and ran out of space, is it possible to just get another smallish card and change between the 2?? *shrugs*

      Maybe i should just go for the 32...

    If the first three Burnout games were re-released in HD, with online play for Burnout 3, would anyone purchase it?

      Burnout Takedown (that was 3 yeah?) was amazing. Especially the crash mode. I would play the hell out of it. So, yes, I would get it.

        +1 to this. 3 STILL stands as the best Burnout game, head and shoulders above all others. Played it recently and it still kicks arse. HD version PLEEEEASE!

          Paradise is my favourite so far. I still enjoyed 3 and I wouldn't mind a HD remake. If they do a remake I hope they sell them separately on PSN. Burnout 1 and 2 are OK but all you really need is 3.

          If Burnout 3 had Paradise City's open-world system between events, it would be my perfect racing game.
          Coz I really like just messing around in P.C. doing stupid stunts & crashing just for the hell of it without any pressure from being in a race.
          But then again, If Paradise City had Takedowns crash event, that would also be my perfect racer...

            A marriage between paradise city and 3 would be fantastic.

        I thought Burnout 3 was the beginning of the end. They broke crash mode, they broke race mode, they broke Burnout.

        It's a shame that 2 was missing so much of what made 1 awesome, even if it did expand on it and become awesome in its own right. Some kind of hybrid of the two would be awesome.

      Maybe if it was Point Of Impact, Takedown and Dominator... the original was so damn frustrating with massive rubber banding and crashes that occurred with the slightest of grazes, everything after the original was so far improved I feel the original isn't worth the effort.

      I also wish the next Burnout would be a mix of Paradise (open world) and 3 (closed circuits, not point to point)

      At this moment though, the only 2 collections that I want more than anything at the moment would be a GTA collection and TimeSplitters collection.

      Yes.. yes i bloody well would

    Ask Kotaku!? Oh...Mark flexing his powers of delegation.

    The animated short film: Love Like Aliens... Is there still only the trailer for that?
    Does anyone know where I buy it or d/l it, or if not a release date?

    So Mark, Kotaku who is your go to trusted game reviewer? I most identify with Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb but I'm curious what others think. Also who is a reviewer that you don't often agree with.

      I also go to Giant Bomb when I need to know about a game. The trio of reviews, quick looks and podcasts really helps you get a good idea about a game. I like that the Giant Bomb staff have built themselves up personality wise and as a result when one of them dislikes a game I feel like I know why because I 'know' them.

        I don't know if I have a go to reviewer -- but here are reviewers I like that are Aussie.

        Adam Mathew at OPS Australia
        Junglist at Five Inch Floppy
        Joab at Gamearena

          OMG THANK YOU i was so annoyed when Junglist left Good game, but now i can read more of his reviews

      I feel like Gerstmann earned a lot of loyalty from readers over the Kane & Lynch 2 thing and getting canned from Gamespot, but frankly I don't really like his reviews. Can't say why, really.

      I used to like Susan Arendt's reviews on the Escapist but I've found that entire site has gone downhill in the last year, and especially since the fallout with the Extra Credits creators and the revelation that they weren't paying most of their content providers due to cashflow issues.

      So, I'll more or less just check out any game my Twitter friends are gushing about, and if I like the trailers/gameplay videos, I might make a purchase.

    Anyone know anything about wireless routers? Need a good wireless router that is strong enough to go through several walls and provides awesome connection. Might be asking a bit too much there...

      I had a Belkin (I think it was an N+ or something) a few years ago that would go through anything. But the down side was that it had a heap of trouble connecting to my PS3 & 360 (even when connected with a cable), & that seemed to be a pretty common problem. so yeah...

      go to a store & check on the packaging for some indication of the devices' range. then jump on whirlpool or toms hardware to see if its compatible with the things you want to connect to it.
      Recommended a friend the Billion 7800 NL (er, might have been the N, actually) a few weeks ago and he's super chuffed with it.
      There's a link to tested signal strength over distance there in the post, too.

      Ask Whirlpool if you need to! Those guys know their stuff.

        This. Bought one last year and couldn't be happier with performance and reliability. It is big and ugly though.

          I'll have to look into this.

            Oh these look amazing. I would ask Whirlpool but (and I only assume) that would require to me to sign up and stuff. Something I am very CBF in right now, haha.

              Chances are someones already asked the question you need answered. just search a bit & you'll find something.

      What you are connecting to is also important. I use a (probably crappy) standard Netgear from Optus for my cable connection, and it's talking to my xbox really well through a good few walls onto the lower level of the house. I use the Wireless N (two antennae) receiver on my xbox. I think that is the kit that's causing the good connection.

    So them fighting games...
    Anyone else want a Primal Rage reboot?
    And a Killer Instinct 3?

    I'm scaring myself with the frequency I'm thinking about this.

      Primal Rage could be a goer, especially if it has a rad custom combo setup like the one on gamecube.

        Scratch that I was thinking of Bloody Roar... But primal rage was cool on the Mega Drive back in the day.

    Will you be removing all Luke Plunkett and other non-gaming related articles from Kotaku AU?

      Oh, Cheesus!
      Keep on trucking indeed!

        I shall.

      But... what would you complain about then?

        Nothing, the site would be better.

      I'm with Cheesus, Plunkett's articles need to go. They really bring down the quality of Kotaku AU as a whole, Who makes the decision on what Kotaku US articles appear in AU?

        +1 Internets to you sir.

    In light of the new Sim City probably being unplayable - how do you actually play Sim City?

    I have Sim City 2000 from GOG and have no idea how to do anything.

    Will you be introducing IP bans at any point? I'm talking about for the serial useless troll arguers and offensive hatemongers.

      Reserved only for the worst people on the site, McGarnical.

        Oh yeah? Well I'm behind 12 firewalls, and a IP bounce through Sydney. #HackThisBro

      User accounts are coming soon to a Kotaku near you!

      hopefully that will stem the flow of BS coming through in the comments.

        Can we embed images and gifs? Cos that'd be boss.

          Like Kotaku US?

            I am undecided on whether it is a good idea or a bad idea. Can Kotaku AU commenters be trusted with such power?

              I didn't mention it like it was a good thing....
              It's definitely a bad idea.

              As we've seen before... with great power comes no responsibility!

    Have any of you not bought Portal 2 yet?

    Because it's $6.80. SIX DOLLARS EIGHTY

      That's less than two tree-fiddy's! \o/
      But I already have it...

    If that Stephen Totilo article today is baiting people into entering him in a competition (as some commenters claim but I haven't checked since I'm on mobile) - can it be removed or edited to remove the personalised link?

      Agreed, can it please be taken down.
      It's just a glorified advertisement, and should be marked as such.

    Ok, Im heading to Uni next year, Yay me! Im ditching the laptop and getting a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard, it serves all my purposes for uni. After toting around a laptop all year this year at tafe so far, Im sick of the weight and the charging brick quite frankly, I'll welcome the light design and the tiny charger.

    I can go either the Samsung 10.1 ICS tablet or the new Ipad HD 32gb model...

    Opinions? Alternatives?

      (And of course, I'll be playing some games on it... duh.)

      Personally I'd go for the iPad because while it will have fewer features and will lock you down more (I'm guessing) it will be easier to use overall. If you want simple features that will easily work that'd be my pick. Also there are some great games on iPad already and more coming.

      Will you be writing assignments, because an iPad (and most other tablets) are really bad for word processing.

        Writing while at tafe/uni. Exporting to the pc at home and working on them there. There's an app I can get for MS Office to make files compatible etc for the ipad and android ones so its ok, thats why Im getting a bluetooth keyboard as well.

      There are smaller laptops avaliable that are a compremise between tablets and laptops. My old Toshiba R200 offers most of the benefits of a laptop while remaining light and functional. It has a small power brick (but a brick none the less). It ditches things like the DVD drive to really reduce the size. Before the R200 I hated laptops specifically because they weren't designed to be portable.
      I can't really offer much in the way of suggestions but it's worth looking into thin/portable laptops if you aren't convinced a tablet will do the job properly. When it comes to educational tools you really don't want to risk getting stuck with something that doesn't do a good enough job. Some people can use touch screen keyboards for taking notes just as effectively as physical ones, but I know personally I'd have to drag around a bluetooth keyboard and a screen stand just to be half as productive with a tablet.
      Not trying to influence you one way or another, just pointing out that there are more portable laptops than the traditional slightly-thinner-than-a-desktop models.

        Just did a little looking into it. Seems Toshiba still do the Portégé range but they've bulked them up a bit. My R200 is like 2cm tall where the current models are much taller and have things that don't need to be on there like DVD drives. They sound like they're still light and portable, but not the extreme degree they used to be so I couldn't recommend it.

    What are the current PS VITA games worth playing. I have Uncharted and Golf, any suggestions?

      I am loving Super Stardust, reminds me of the PS3 version all over again. Also a recharge with Vodafone got me Wipeout for free, not sure what I think of it but it's okay fun. And I am LOVING Virtua Tennis, for some reason... Probably the best game on the Vita.

      A secondary option is go crazy on the PS1 games on the PS store and play them all via Remote Play, FF7 has been getting a flogging on my end.

        Virtua Tennis and Super Stardust look great, cheers for that!

    So I took the plunge and ordered Forza 4 through OzGameShop this afternoon. I'm assuming UK games are fully PAL compatible?

    Is anyone else getting over games never properly ending and always being open for another sequel?

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