Aussie Nintendo Store -- Hang On, Help Is On The Way

Just when you thought a certain section of Nintendo's download offerings was dead, another game releases on the Virtual Console after several months and makes you go "Well alright then it's not dead yet". You're in for a week of retro, let's take a look.

Wii Virtual Console Super Hang-On (Virtual Console Arcade, Sega, 900 Points) - Pull your leg over that warm and vibrating crotch rocket and hang on. Well, what you do in your own time is up to you, but you could also play the 1987 Arcade classic Super Hang-On. It's here as you remember it and if you don't then you probably don't remember when pogs were cool either and that's a shame.

3DS Virtual Console Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Gameboy Color, Nintendo, $6.00 AU) - Play through original Game and Watch versions of Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin and the original classic Donkey Kong. But remember with these collections there is also the new and improved remixed version of each.

Two retro titles for you this week, some parts of the update next week have been revealed as well already and I can tell you there are some new things on the way!

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    Honest to goodness, I had forgotten Nintendo ever did Virtual Console/Wiiware etc. Does that say anything about Nintendo's online presence?

    Just picked up a second hand 3ds, my first nintendo console since the snes and so far i'm very impressed :) but i thought that the online store would have a better collection of games such as more snes, nes and even some n64 games...

      Shame on you for not owning the Cube, it is still hands down the best Nintendo console - and still my favorite of all time!

    Ahem, pogs cool? I think not.

    Played a lot of Super Hangon on the Amiga 500. Good game.

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