Aussie Nintendo Store: Origins in Dream Land

Well there's no sign of VVVVVV yet on the eShop even though the game got classified the day it was meant to come out. So let's move passed that and get onto the games that we do actually have this week.

Some of them are good, one of them is a demo. That means freebies!

3DS Virtual Console

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy, Nintendo, $6.00AU) The Kirby's Dream Land titles are both great, this one has the special bonus thrill of having the number 2 on the end of it. Who can resist the pink and squishy?

3DS Original Software

Bird Mania 3D (Teyon, $3.00) One of the cheapest games on the eShop and with that you would think something is wrong with it. Well you'd be wrong! This one is actually quite good, if you've ever played Tiny Wings or Machine Gun Jetpack you'll know all about it, it's the same endless challenge game.

3DS Demo

Rayman Origins - Nearly a year later, on a low resolution Nintendo 3DS screen and not running at the silky smooth frame rate it does on every other console the game is on. Judge it for yourself with this free demo. It's still Rayman Origins though.

Well then anything for your good selves?

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    Where the hell is VVVVVV? :l

      On the UK shop. Make the change today!

        I have $12 left on my account ready for it though :(

    Dreamland 2 is the second best Kirby game, after the SNES's Superstar.

    Oh, c'mon. Rayman Origins came out Mid November last year, it hasn't even been 6 months, let alone a year.

      Feels like a year if you've been waiting for the 3DS version.

    When are we getting Cave Story Dsiware? For christ sake!

      I'd give up on it, that or get it from the UK Store.

      Apparently there is some Cave Story + coming now.... though I might be wrong.

        According to Game Arena it should be coming soon .

    You can change your region to UK, buy 10 pounds of credit, get VVVVVV and a little shit game, then switch back to AU, without losing your AU credit or any of your AU games. Just saying. It's wonderful.

    Gamespot has an interview with Randy Pitchford where he says that the Wii U is a next gen and is more powerful than PS3 or Xbox369 and that Aliens Colonial Marines is going to look the best on Wii U:

    Funny how Kotaku and other websites can't be bothered writing about that but they can write about when "anonymous sources" say it's weaker. I wonder why...

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