Back From Hell: The First Seven Days Of Diablo III

Diablo III's long-awaited release this week — and its unfortunate launch-day server problems — demonstrated that PC-only titles have not lost the ability to dominate all of video gaming's conversation. And this was in a week that saw the release of Max Payne 3, another title that fans had been looking to for a very long time.

For better or for worse, this was Diablo III's week in the spotlight. Here are some highlights from nearly 40 stories Kotaku published about the game in the preceding week.

Yes, we know one of them was not the game's review. Rest assured that is coming very soon.

Before You Start: Tips for Playing Diablo III the Best Way

Diablo III is upon us, and while the more dedicated fans of Blizzard's action role-playing franchise are well on their way to total demon domination, players new to the series might need a little help getting started. More »

I Still Have No Idea What The Hell Class To Play in Diablo III

Diablo III comes out tomorrow. Which really means it comes out tonight at midnight. I'm excited to play it-more excited than I would have thought I'd be, to be honest. More »

Last Night's Diablo III Debacle Demonstrates The Problem With 'Always-Online' Games

We were all excited last night. After a 12-year wait, Diablo III, Blizzard's much-anticipated action-fantasy loot-fest, had finally arrived. It was sitting there installed on our hard drives, waiting for midnight to come, for Blizzard to unlock the game so we could play it. More »

How I've Been Playing Diablo III, You Know, Aside From Sporadically

While Diablo III's error codes are being raved over by the gaming press, they've also managed to add an exciting element of chance to the review process. More »

Blizzard Is Giving You One Final Chance To Change Your Ironic My Little Pony BattleTag

It's a tricky thing, choosing an online handle. You've gotta stick with it forever, so the dumb inside joke or ironically stupid insult you choose will be your name forevermore. More »

The Amazing, Official Art of Diablo III

To celebrate the release of what will probably be the biggest PC game of the year (sorry Crusader Kings II, I still love you), here's a big collection of concept and promotional art from Diablo III. More »

When It Comes to Diablo III, Error 3003 Is The New Error 37

Aren't you cute, over there making fun of Diablo III's Error 37. So old-fashioned! Haven't you been following the latest trends? Everyone knows that Error 37 is yesterday's news. More »

The "Best" of the Worst Diablo III Anger

The rigamarole is always the same: Big game is released, problems ensue. But for Diablo III, the launch was bigger-twelve years in the making. And the problems? More »

What It's Like Playing Diablo III With A Crappy Graphics Card

You will die. Frequently. You will stare at your screen as it slows to a crawl, wondering when the whole machine will just black out and die. You will roll your eyes and groan as if somebody just cut you in line at the grocery store. More »

A Warning From a Reformed Diablo II Scammer

On the eve of the release of Diablo III, I've been hearing chatter about the great Diablo series from office colleagues who I didn't even realise were fans. More »

Report: Korean Players Take Down Final Diablo III Boss, But Can't Get Loot

According to reports out of South Korea, some of the country's most talented (and fastest) players finished Diablo III in record time. More »

Remembering That One Diablo Thing Blizzard Didn't Make

Diablo is one of Blizzard's tentpole franchises, part of a Holy Trinity of PC gaming that includes the universes of StarCraft and Warcraft. It's reverence is well-deserved, as Blizzard has done a fantastic job with all three games. More »


    I just enjoyed a whole weekend of Torchlight 2 Beta :D

      I had a quick go of it, shame it was online. Was looking forward to some single player Torchlight 2

    I've barely been able to play it. got up to level 7 on my daemon hunter, decided I didn't like it and started a Wizard. Then the few spare hours I had over the past week were up.

    Looking forward to playing it at the end of the week. Law Assessment times.

      playing on US server and I had 0 issues so far ... already lvl 36 and loving it

    Pretty much unplayable for me.
    400+ms ping constantly.
    Apparently a lot of Aus players are having this problem since Friday night.

      Worst Ping i have had was 1400ms - That was horrid. I find 426 ms quite playable after that. Most of the time i get it at 200ms which is fine... I am disappointed we dont have servers that are a little closer...

        I'm with you, my ping hits around 170-250 when it's "good".
        Around 400~ when it's bad.
        1600++ at its worst.

        I find the game playable even in high lag though, my responses seem to still work.

    grab lowerping.

    400MS is far from unplayable tho.

    My synopsis: Got a level 25-ish Wizard running around. Have had no login issues after day one. Ping sits around 250-400ms, occasional lag/jumps. Didn't enjoy Act II very much, Act III feels good. Hate those walking tree things and the insects which shoot OTHER FRICKING INSECTS AT YOU. Don't think the new skill-tree system is my cup of tea. And finally, not entirely sure it feels like a true Diablo game...

    I'm playing on wireless and still achieving an average of 300 to 400. Spikes of 1000 are around, but by no means constant.

      I mean mobile wireless, with a telstra dongle.

    All I can say is thank god Diablo is only on PC, the less people associate this kind of game with video games the better. (Not just blatant trollin' I really do mean that, video games have a horrible stigma from exactly the themes and imagery that Diablo contains, regardless of it being a great game there MUST be some more interesting unique and creative ideas out there in our infinite imagination..)

      there are man, you've just got to look. Diablo is only as mainstream as any other popular media, just see movies for example.

    The guys over at RPS really summed up my feelings for the game.

    I'd be happier if it was more crappily made (DRM rah-rah aside) because at least then I'd be able to say "Oh, I dont like X aspect" or "The moment I hit Y problem, I leave out of frustration" instead of trying to explain to my friends why I do not gel with the concept of the infinite loop cycle. I kill guys to get better loot so I can kill more guys to get better loot.

    Even playing with friends doesn't eliviate the problem. I end up talking about something completely different or we devolve into trying to figure out the impossible geometery of some of the larger dungeons ("And if you, say, drop something over the side, how do you get it back? And those book cases!") for cheap laughs.

    Oh, I've got it. The story is boring and overly dramatic. Thats what I'll say from now on whenever anyone askes me why I'm not enjoying Diablo. Because thats the most important part of Diablo, right? The story, yeah?

    I was going to buy this, but considering that people get lag during SINGLEPLAYER, I'll pass...

    Lets not forget the greatness of error 3007 i love seeing that every 5-8 mins

      Yeah 3007 ruined me too. Joining the General chat channel is a workaround.

    A couple of things. There's a program called Battleping that can lower your ping dramatically in games. I don't know how it works, but it does my friend wonders. Sadly, it is pay for, but there is a trial option just so you can test if it works.

    Secondly, I've been told by another friend that if you're getting dropped from the game constantly, (I think he said it was the 3007 error), a way to stop this from happening is to "join the General chat and say something every 5 minutes, this helps keep you connected."

    Neither of these issues have effected me, so I'm a lucky one I guess. I get an average ping of 250-400 depending on how good the server feels like being, but I hope these tips can help you guys out.

    I've been having a lot of fun with it. I've got a WD and Wizard in nightmare, a Monk and DH in Normal still, and I haven't started a Barbarian yet. At this point I think Wizard is the most fun, because Disintegrate. That spell is awesome.
    WD is probably the easiest to solo though. Get those exploding dogs and a gargantuan and a hireling and you'll never be lonely again.

    Soon I am going to attempt to get all the pieces to the secret cow level substitute.

    Cans omeone send me a guest pass?!?!

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