Bastion Is On Sale (Again) For $US6

Bastion Is On Sale (Again) For $US6

Man, is it just me or is Bastion always on sale? I’m getting a real sense of déjà vu here — I really feel like I’ve written this story before. Regardless, Bastion is available on Steam for the low, low price of $5.99US. Also — if you’re feeling a bit wacky, you can also pick up The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind for $9.99.

I have to be completely honest — I didn’t really enjoy Bastion at all. I thought the presentation was stellar, and I loved the narrator, but the core gameplay? It just felt dull and repetitive to me. I really couldn’t get into it at all.

I am very aware, however, that I’m completely in the minority here. I reckon the vast, vast majority of you will enjoy it.

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  • Neglecting the fact that the reason it’s on sale is because the Mac version has been released on Steam.

    This is also why Dustforce is on sale.

    • Ohh, so that’s why I suddenly see a Mac version! Might have to get this now that I can actually play it.

  • I really liked it. The gameplay wasn’t exactly my favorite genre, but it was good for what it was.

  • I picked it up on XBLA recently and enjoyed it. I agree that the gameplay is a bit repetitive but I also am still enjoying it. Trials Evo has taken me away but I will surely finish it soon. Worth getting for a few bucks for sure.

  • Well I won this from the KKP last year, but I think I want to invest in a gamepad for my PC (maybe a wired 360 controller?) before I play it again. I love it but it’s too clunky to play with mouse & keyboard. Same goes for Super Meat Boy, come to think of it.

    As for Morrowind, I still haven’t installed that from when I got it and 30+ other Bethesda published games from the Quakecon pack last year. DAMN YOU, STEAM.

  • The tight ass in me is still holding out for the 75% off during the summer sale… But that’s because I can wait since after I finish The Witcher 2, it’s Diablo time!

  • I want it to go on sale on xbox live. I want to play it, but I only have 800 points and I’m not buying more

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