Be A Badarse Vampire In Dark

You don't often see vampires reduced to using submachine guns, but then, that appears to be the premise — at least in this trailer — for Dark, a shooter due on PC and 360 next year.

Maybe this shows how you become a vampire, I don't know, but developers RealmForge say it'll have RPG-like levelling, "vampire abilities" (read: the force) and cel-shaded graphics.


    I'm shocked how many journos have failed to grasp this, but the trailer is from the perspective of one of the game's enemies.

      was gonna say that or that you aren't a vampire at the start.

    "You don’t often see vampires reduced to using submachine guns"
    Have you never heard of Vampire The Masquerade before?

    I'm sorry, but that is an absolutely terrible trailer.

    The game I couldn't give half a bleep for, but I just wanted to point out that the Brit/Aussie spelling of 'arse' looks *really* weird when tacked onto 'bad'. I guess it's more of an American word (badass, I mean) so I view it as such — the spelling has transcended the difference between cultural spellings of ass/arse. I mean, I *pronounce* it bad-ass in the same way I'd say bad donkey. Badarse is not a word.


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