Behold, The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Tweet

I love a good Game of Thrones joke as much as the next guy. But this one, made by Twitter user iScoff, really does take the cake. The Twitter-cake. The cake of tweets.

He somehow manages take commonly mocked topics like Twitter's character-limit and penchant for encouraging us to share our wretchedness (which our own Stephen Totilo explored just last week) and combine them with a humorous critique of both the quality and content of Game of Thrones.

All with 19 characters to spare.

This iScoff character is pretty funny for a Pomeranian.


    now that I have dragged myself off the floor laughing, I would just like to say that @iScoff has a new follower!

    I assume he's talking about the show and not the books, because nothing has happened in them since A Storm of Swords.

      Oh be real... he totally like... picked some more characters at random and killed them off too. Yeah... it was big and important and stuff!

      Oh I don't know, my new favourite character is Wyman Manderly in his Dance with Dragons turn.

    Credit where's it's due:!/matthewbaldwin/statuses/192993809339129857

    Wow, person tweets funny joke. That has nothing to do with games. Well worth an entire post on a games blog. Well done.

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