Beyond Good & Evil 2 Probably Will Have To Wait For The Next Generation Of Consoles, Alors

I speak a little bit of French. Just enough, in fact, to get the gist of what Rayman creator Michel Ancel is saying in this interview. The Ubisoft developer confirms work continues on the long-awaited sequel to cult favourite Beyond Good & Evil, but also says that it'll need better tech than is currently available.

I'm paraphrasing here but Ancel basically says that the game is indeed being created he can't say when it's coming or for which platforms. He also says that the game needs-either better or more — technology to succeed and, when asked if Mirror's Edge was an influence on BGE2, that the work seen in the trailer was completed before he was aware of the EA first-person-platformer.

Ancel elaborates that BGE2 will have a very dynamic camera system which will make it seem as if the action is being filmed live. This detail fits with BGE heroine Jade's role as a journalist. But, this is apparently one of the areas where the increased power of future consoles is needed. So, we'll have to wait for a while longer until we can revisit the planet of Hillys.

Interview de Michel Ancel et de Christophe Héral [YouTube, via NeoGAF]


    Sounds great, hopefully this'll be a launch title. Would almost certainly guarantee a purchase from me.

    What this actually means is "We still have no intention of developing this but we will continue holding it over you and using a potential release as a nugget to encourage you to buy other games you don't care about. Again".

      How does a potential BGE sequel encourage you to buy OTHER games?

    Oh, good. I've still got time to finish the first one. It's still sitting on my pile of shame, just above all of the Oddworld games.

    Je suis déçu...très déçu...

    They said this almost a year ago...

    Yeah this isn't new news but it makes me wonder what kind of a game it will be if it can't be done with current tech!

    I smell another DNF, constantly being put off for 'better tech'.

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