Binding Of Isaac Is Getting An Expansion

Binding Of Isaac Is Getting An Expansion

No joke, it really is! It’s called Wrath of the Lamb, and for $US3 you’ll get new chapters, new enemies, new achievements, new bosses, new room types and even a “new final (final) chapter and boss with new endings”.

It’s out on Steam on May 28.


  • Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited. It’ll give me a good reason to pick it up again after a power outage deleted my save.

    Also I know tBoI is pretty camp but that trailer looks like some first-year computer graphics project.

  • Pretty cool trailer. Don’t think I’ll get the add-on, but it’s worth buying the game. It’s quite fun!

  • According to Steam, My time playing Binding of Isaac is 80 hours, 2 hours short of what I spent on Fallout: New Vegas. I’m not sure I need anything more to feed that addiction… although lord knows that’s not going to stop me from buying it.

    • Only… 70.4 hours playing Binding of Isaac for me… Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. 😉

      It’s a brilliant and addictive little time waster.

  • Old news! But that’s okay, I’m very looking forward to it. I 100% the game over 108 hours or so. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I’ve been looking forward to this thing since it was announced in January.

    Some specific information for you:
    There will be 10 “challenges” whatever that is.
    A “buttload” of achievements.
    100+ new items including 4 new types of pills, 5 new tarot cards, 5 new “ultra rare” pickups, 40+ unlocks and a new type of item that gives you passive effects. By the looks of it, you can hold one passive item at a time and you don’t “use” them like the other items.
    20+ new types of enemies.
    10+ new bosses.
    A new character, Samson.
    4 new chapters and 6 new rooms. I’m not sure which category this falls under, but 2 of the announced either of those are the Catacombes [sic] and the Cellar.
    7 “random happenings”, god knows what they could be!

    According to my sources, “new final (final) chapter and boss with new endings” is erroneous, there’s only one ending coming with this. It’ll be the definitive final ending, and this is speculation but I reckon that final boss will be God himself.

    Now, you might be thinking “gosh, MORE levels? I have trouble beating the game as long as it is already! They’re not just going to slap the new stuff at the end, are they?” Well, good news, they’re probably not. Maybe the finalmost chapter might get snuck in after Sheol, but other chapters will randomly replace the default ones. So you might get Basement/Caves/Depths one playthough, and next time it might be Cellar/Caves/Depths or Basement/Catacombs/Whathaveyou.

    I hope I helped your information cravings!

    • Man I should have proofchecked this thing, I sound like an ESL guy!
      Also I neglected to watch the trailer, that was pretty awesome!
      I wonder if they’ll give the new tracks (they’re adding new music btw) to the people who bought the OST already.

    • I’ve done about 120hours (although some of that is leaving it on overnight or when I go out since there is no save option).
      I’ve done all the achievements except for the “take no damage on x” ones…
      It’s an awesome game for a few bucks. Lots of re-playability. I’m very much looking forward to this release.

  • First time I complain about Luke: Weren’t we told about this a while ago? I don’t remember where, but I remember hearing about this at least a week ago, and it’s only just being posted now?

    • It was announced back in January, but it was never posted on Kotaku, and it’s possible people still hadn’t heard the news until this was posted.

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