BioWare To Make Fan-Designed Mass Effect Hoodies A Reality

A little while ago, we caught wind of some excellent Mass Effect hoodie designs by Deviant artist ludodirosso, aka Christine Schott.

Now, according to the artist, BioWare is actually going to manufacture the hoodies in an official capacity.

On her DeviantART page, Schott shares that she talked with BioWare about a trial hoodie-run, with BioWare helping make the design a bit more polished.

I had a talk on the phone yesterday with a couple of people who are part of the team that make official mass effect apparel. they were really nice people, and I was a nervous wreck. XD it was agreed their designers will be taking on the hoodie project!

chances are my hoodies are nowhere near the final product, afterall I'm no true designer and haven't got the slightest idea what looks good on clothing and what doesnt. I just conceptualized the idea. they will be redesigning the hoodies, and will sell a few as a trial run, and if it goes well more hoodies will be added I'm sure.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing more than a few of these at PAX this year.

Mass Effect Hoodie Project [DeviantART via Game Rant]


    I assume the first order of business will be to do a boobless version of the Liara hoodie...

      This is the first thing that came to mind for me, too. And we both have Pant in our name. Coincidence? Or something else? :p

    I think I would choose either Grunt or Thane on coolness of look for me. Dat Jack hoodie... So cool except I'm a dude.

    Subtlety is your friend.

    I'm not sure which ones to pick, but glad to hear this is gonna become a reality!

    we all know how this is going to go
    "hey hon! I got you a presant!"
    "oh its a...hoodie?...uuhhh well thats an interesting degin.."
    "go on! try it on!...oh and do the hood up!"
    "what do you think?"
    "its perfect! do an accent for me...somthing russian sounding"
    "ummm....thank you very much for the hoodie?"
    "mmmm yes...your so cute Tali"
    "your accents slipping hon...."

      Now be quiet and drink this brandy through a straw.

        Methinks I saw the exact same comment on The Escapist's comment section for this same story.

          funny comments are kind of like Herpres...once ya get'em ya might as well spread'em around.....

    The Mordin and Garrus ones are definitely wear-out-in-public worthy for me. Not too outlandish, stylish, yet anyone who knows the game will get it. That's how I like my nerd wear :)

    Said it before and I'll say it again, those designs are frigin' ugly

    put me down for a zaeed hoodie please :D

      you know, i just realised something. chances of getting a zaeed one is slim. i bet they will only do the famous characters *cries*

      in that case i will take a thane one :D

      I find putting "flash" colurs on a hood..quite odd


          well its only in a small area but i agree. these are getting redesigned though so who knows what they will look like by the time they are available to the public? still i think i could overlook it in zaeed and thane's cases

    Kal'Reeger all the way.

    Commander, I'm calibrating my credit card to take all my money.

    Gonna be ordering the Thane and Kasumi hoodies once they're ready

    Nice idea, but I'm predicting they'll look like shit in person, simply because they're way too busy and it would require so much differing inks.

    Now my dream to have Garrus on my skin will become a reality!

    Wait what?

    Wow that's SO cool.

    They really seem to be listening to what their fans are interested in and what they want.

    Oh wait. Pity this doesn't extended to the actual games that they create....

    I would definitely get the legion one

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