Blizzard Celebrates Diablo III's Success With An Insane Amount Of Champagne

Less than two weeks from its launch, Blizzard's Diablo III is already a financial success (despite the fact that they might not be totally clear on how to measure it.

Today, Blizzard has a celebratory champagne toast to honour the game's successful launch. The above picture was tweeted by Blizzard's Cory Stockton, and… good god, that is a lot of champagne. That's like... one bottle of champagne for each time I had to click on Belial, Lord of Lies.

After the champagne was opened, I'm sure everyone involved conducted themselves like gentlemen and ladies, calmly sipping from their flutes while discussing weekend plans.




    Well deserved Blizzard!

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Cool! Any alco's can suck the dropped loot from the ground after the slaughter!

    I have been one of the few or many (depending on your opinion on such matters) that has been very much against D3. The connection problems and the hacking (large or small scale it does not matter) that impacts on the single player aspect. I strongly believe that a single player game (or element) should not need to be online constantly.

    But I have to doff my cap to them. They have done really well with the amount of units they have pushed out. Good on em.

    You sure that's not sparkling white wine? Cause it's only Champagne when it comes from Champagne, France ;)

      That's not 100% true, but it's getting there.

    Diablo 3's success was never in question.

    How bad has the brand been tarnished in the fallout?

    My guess: A fair bit, but not enough to convince them that they're wrong about Always-On.

      Just read a little of the EULA:

      "The Game is capable of both offline and online player modes, both of which require that you obtain authorized access to the Service. You understand and agree that the Service is provided by Blizzard at its discretion and may be terminated or otherwise discontinued by Blizzard pursuant to the Terms of Use."

      Interesting that the EULA states that it is capable of offline, but requiring authorisation. Always connected authorisation.

      I think Blizzard need to look up what "offline" means. Or is it able to be played offline, but you can't get monsters, loot or levels?

    What's been happening to Blizzard is almost a replica of what's happened to Nintendo. They've been slowly deconstructing their games, alienating their traditional customers - but aren't likely to change since sales have never been higher.

      Like nintendo? It's not de-constructing their games if they are making more then the original you fool.

        Well... maybe he means de-constructing from a gameplay perspective... People have been arguing that Zelda has been progressively 'dumbed down' for years...

    That grass aint gonna be green by next week...

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