Blizzard Is Giving You One Final Chance To Change Your BattleTag

It's a tricky thing, choosing an online handle. You've gotta stick with it forever, so the dumb inside joke or ironically stupid insult you choose will be your name forevermore.

As a general rule, Blizzard gives users a one-time-only chance to change their mind on their "BattleTag." But, given that a good number of people who played the beta of Diablo III may have used that chance already, they've extended the privilege to all their users a second time. So, if you're still not happy with your battletag, you can hop on into your account settings page and change it again.

Man, I wonder how many people have tried to change their Battletag to "Error" in the hopes of landing Error#3737.

Battletag: Free Name Change Update [Blizzard forums]


    And that's why my gaming handle is just my name, something I'll never get tired of......... I hope.

    Hell yeah Rainbow Dash! This battletag is now 20% cooler.

    If my battletag was Rainbow Dash, I'd be desperate to change it too.

      Although it appears as though two thousand one hundred and twenty people aren't if we go by the image above us.

        That's someone actually wanting to have 'RainbowDash#2121' show up ingame, which means their battletag would be 'RainbowDash#2121#XXXX' (Where X = random digit)

        I'm so glad they're letting us change it again though. When I first got one, I thought the numbers showed up ingame at the end of the name, so when we were able to get a change, I changed it to have the numbers I wanted at the end. Then when I got into beta and saw that the numbers at the end didn't show up, I started kicking myself for changing it.

        And now I can stop kicking myself and change it back to Mic. Thanks Bliz! :D


    As in pieces of entertainment where we just play them and what name you had never used to matter.

      I bet your high scores all say "AAA"

        No. But if I wanted them to be I could change them whenever I wanted.

    It's great having a handle you can use for everything that means pretty much nothing. That's why I love the name Roninski, it's unique, it's simple, it's never taken, and I can never see any reason to change it.

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