Blizzard Release Thrilling New Diablo III Gameplay Trailer


    Yep, lag is getting worse for me.

    Lag? What Lag? I'm playing singleplayer, so I don't get it.


    bahahahaha. aaaah. :(

    Yeah my ping went from a bad 206ms to a horrible 267ms overnight, really hoping theres a fix or something soon

      Man that extra 0.061 of a second is really going to ruin your chances of finishing inferno.

        DeeDee talking like a noob. it makes a massive difference. Did u know that in a lot of professional scenes if you have 50ms more its considered a disadvantage and they will change servers.

    Multiplayer game with option of singleplayer.* I didn't play much on the first night but by the second night I was playing with no troubles at all. Pretty damn amazing game. Aside from a one hour server maintenance that caused me to have to take a break and having to type in my password when I start, the game has been running perfectly.

    Im so glad I didn't buy D3 on launch day.

    I bought it but it's been shelved, haven't had a chance to install it yet and will probably be awhile before I get to play it. so hopefully these issues will be ironed out by the time I get around to it - if not maybe pirates will have a crack for offline play which would be even better.

    Don't know what "lag" needs quotation marks, and yes I keep getting hit by lag spikes periodically, general gameplay will be fine, then every once in a while I'll have nothing for a second and will frequently find myself dead or at least near to dead.

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