Borderlands 2 Loot Chest Gets You Pillaging

Borderlands 2 Loot Chest Gets You Pillaging

The team behind upcoming shooter Borderlands 2 first showed off their fancy loot chest last month at PAX East. The design came from community suggestions, made to look like the in-game loot chests, and they promised it would be filled with as-yet unannounced goodies.

Well, now the goodies are announced. Nestled deeply in among the map, stickers, bobblehead, art book, steel case, lithographs, field notes, creature ID chart, and certificate of authenticity, the “Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition” also includes, if you look hard enough, a disc with the game on it. The big bundle goes for $US149.99.

Meanwhile, the “Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition”, at a slightly more affordable $US99.99, includes the book, the stickers, the map, the comic, and the bobblehead. Both special editions are available for all platforms (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) and include additional DLC. All pre-orders of any edition of the game, including the standard version, will receive the DLC Mechromancer character, also detailed at PAX East, for free.

Personally, I am nearly ready to start paying game developers to leave bobbleheads out of their collectors’ editions. Those things are just creepy.

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  • now in australia EBGames are saying they have this Bundle as Exclusive and its 160$ AUSD ireally want this bundle becuase i love borderlands and that chest looks amazing.

    But i dont want to give in to EBGame’s prices, is there any other retailer in AuS that has this Bundle.

    • $160AUD is really not that bad. The US price is $150, and look at all the loot you get. For a collector’s edition like this, I would normally expect to pay upwards of $200.

      • for me this destroys the diablo preorder pack which was the same price , bobblehead! vending machine! DLC GALORE and THE INSANE CASE! i say go for it if ur a borderlands fan , just sell ur kidney like i did

      • Not only did he not actually complain about price disparity, he asked if there were other Aus retaillers because he wanted to buy locally, just not from EB (understandable).

      • Bitter much? I have to ask, do we really want to support stores because they’re local, or because they’re competitive. I only ask, because Holden and Ford got a lot of Government support for no reason other than they were local, and that worked out pretty badly.

        • theoretically we need to support our local economy more than international economy to stay afloat.
          I did economics at uni and, unfortunately, we do need to support even local retailers like EB, JB and GAME to keep our entire video game industry (purchasing only, not devlopment) from falling into the hands of a single retailer or an international store. Should we move to the point (however unlikely it is) where EB is the single retailer of video games, they will control the market on price, sure there are people who will import (likely they already import anyway) and they will lose sales, but depending on the price increase, they will not have to worry. It’s things like this collector’s edition being “exclusive” that will allow for them to have an edge over their competition. As far as I can see, I haven’t looked too much to be honest, this is not available for import or the import fees will be so great that the price difference makes it not worth the hassle. The last thing we need is for a single retailer, in any market, to control the market as it can have catastrophic consequences. For example, Metro controls the train and public transport market. Whilst there are regulations in place, we have all (in melbourne I should ensure to include) are now being forced to transition over to myki. Once this integration is complete, and even in the last 10 years, the prices will be able to increase and there is nil competition, from a non licensed perspective. Yes the government could step in with their limited power, but there is nothing that could stop Metro from doing what they wanted in their market.
          To answer Thom’s question, yes, we need to support local retailers, but not necessarily exclusively, thre is no reason not to shop around for a good deal, but if you want the market to continue to be competitive we all need to support local retailers.
          That being said, I avoid EB like the plague and will continue to shop at JB and online for the better deal unless there is an exclusive like this because their prices are that much higher. I prefer the EB sales staff, but customer service does not really factor in for me anymore since I am always in a rush

          • I completely agree with you there and even though that EB Games are getting this exclusively and I really want this edition, I am not ready to hand over my hard earned dollars to a company owned by US retailer GameStop, rather I am content with receiving the Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Edition with my current preorder at GameTraders (Blacktown, NSW store), as they are a smaller games retailer and are aussie-owned.

            Keep competition alive! Keep it Aussie! Don’t get sucked into EB Games/GameStop greed!

          • I’m down with supporting JB, BigW, etc.

            Because they do the number one thing the market is meant to do and that is compete.

            EB games and Game existed to whittle extra cash out of clueless mums and dads.

            The only reason EB can afford exclusivity is because when they get things like this in they get to charge whatever they feel like. Meaning the difference between what a competitor like JB or BigW might have set the price at and what they set the price at is profit which then pays off the exclusivity deal they worked out

    • ditto!… though I did ask the staff member if it’s worth haggling for a discount on the Claptrap figurine after preordering the loot chest 🙂

  • Pre-ordered on PC 😀

    Really surprised that EB are selling it for 160 (Console)/140 (PC). When the US pricing was announced i was expecting a much higher AU price!

  • Just pre-ordered mine, guy at the store was just as excited as me, couldn’t wait to get some in store so he could decide

      • I am so excited you don’t even know.
        And now there’s a duel wielding any weapon guy.
        Any more stuff gets released and I’m going to have to put myself into an induced coma until release so I don’t pop a blood vessle

  • Extremely limited.. and looks awesome. So i wouldn’t wait long …. EB have never done wrong by me, staff are good, they have the stock and they price match .. and return in 7 days. Who else does that in this industry? Everyone acts like they’re the devil incarnate, they’re just a retailer trying to make a buck like everyone else .. JB are perceived to be cheap and they go hard on new releases, but they’re back catalogue isn’t that much cheaper, and the staff are average at best .. when you cand find one hidden amongst the customers.

    No one can sell games at cost and survive ($59 Diablo! , $78 Max P) without propping up margin with something else.. Mass Merchants use clothes and homeware, JB use blank media, accessories and back cat, EB use Preowned .. all the same idea.

    And you’ll also notice that rrp is dropping this year, a lot of new relese stuff is coming in at$89 now (AC3 etc) so Aussie prices are starting to move in the right direction, which will then show up in Big W at $69 .. thats the best we’ve ever had it down under. The last thing we need now is more retail failing and people out of jobs, it’s sad to see Game go and it would be equally as sad if JB or EB went.

  • Actually this is not a good price……. its just pure price gouging…… the game itself is costing suppliers before it hits retialers $12 per unit and the goodies pack is costing $10 and its being marked up to EB at $20 per game unit and $25 per goodies unit.

    So even if they double the price to make profit on it thats still $90.00 so them tacking on another $70.00 is price gouging.

    • Well then…don’t buy it.
      Retailers can charge whatever they want. yes I appreciate, as I’m sure so do others, that you are making guesses (unless you have insider information) at what the costs are, but you know what? Knowing this isn’t going to change the price. I know that the car I bought last week cost the dealer $5,000 and he put in $1,500 in paint and mechanical updates but he sold it to me at $7,500. It’s essentially the same thing, he gave me the price, I haggled him a little and we made an arrangement. EB have their product, they know they are losing sales, have an arrangement to get this exclusive, so they are propping up their sales, good on them for trying to survive.

      So to you luca, I would advise against purchasing this product since you will disappointed with the price forever. So either don’t buy it or wait to see if the price goes down to where you will buy it

  • This is a big meh for me. It looks good but there are just a bit too many items and I don’t think there are nothing special about some of the stuff. And I don’t know what the bonus DLCs are so I will past this limited edition. I wish there were more special DLCs for the special/limited edition but there isn’t much on the borderlands 2 special edition so I will pass this.

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