Call Of Duty "Hacker" Jailed For Spreading Virus, Stealing Credit Card Numbers, Being A Thug

Englishman Lewys Martin thought it would be a good idea to to offer people "hacks" for Call of Duty Games, which not only broke the rules of the game, but also included a virus.

No, Lewys, it was not a good idea, especially since it's now got you some jail time.

Martin, who is only 20, earned "thousands of pounds" operating a website offering exploits for unspecified Call of Duty shooters on the PC, while at the same time including a trojan horse with the program that let him "remotely monitor computer users' keystrokes" so he could snatch things like credit card info.

He'd then sell the stolen credit card numbers for a few bucks a pop.

Here's where it gets really interesting: Martin wasn't caught in the act of selling these dodgy hacks. He was caught with a friend while they were breaking into a school, something he's apparently done a number of times.

So, to recap: he broke the rules of the game, offered others the means to do so, stole their credit card numbers, sold those numbers to shady crims then was himself engaged in repeated break-ins and thefts.

Farcically, he has pleaded with the judge to let him finish a university IT course he's currently enrolled in, "which would allow him to harness his abilities for good and not evil".

Um, no, he's spending 18 months in jail instead.

Hacker Lewys Martin uses Call of Duty virus to sell players' card details [Kent Online, via Eurogamer]


    All he needs to do now is install a magnetic reader to his arse cheeks and get the rest of the inmates to "swipe".

    GOOD FUCKEN JOB!! I hate these types of people, got exactly what he deserved the stupid prick.
    Stealing peoples hard earned money or in turn causing people to lose what they earn he deserves more time or for the judge to BAN him from using the internet/technology for the next 10 years.

    That being said if you bought hacks from him you deserve everything you got as well, Scum.
    Now they just need to get the IP list of everyone who bought his "hacks" and pass them to valve to BAN the accounts of anyone using it..... or even better go to their houses and point and laugh at them.

      Hacking isn't entirely negative.

      Yes, it's illegal, and sometimes, people need to be taken out back and shot for it, but I've got a friend who has a hack for COD that he runs in zombies when we get together and play. He uses it to give all of us bonus money/ammo and whatnot, and crazily enough; we have FUN with it. Wait.. can't we do that with cheat codes or console commands?! I might be a noob and am completely unable to find a console in that blasted game.

      So for me, playing with a group of friends, and using hacks for everyone can turn a game into good old fashioned stupid fun easily. Let's not forget games that have over-the-top annoying DRM or some other problem that a company isn't going to change.

      I don't like people who use hacks for themselves in competitive online games, it can ruin a match or even the entire game, I think there's a time and a place for everything, such as this well placed desu.

        When hacking is done like this for personal gain and wealth with no other goals, that is when I see it as being entirely negative, this case is a prime example.

    more proof that COD should be banned, i'm calling the govement on this (trollface.jpg)

    I must have missed something, how does breaking into a school lead the police to charge him for hacks and stolen credit card shiz?

      They would have been assessing after he was arrested, and they happen to find out that he has credit card numbers on his computer

    Agreed Aaron, why did this article talk about his arrest with the break and enter and not link it to the topic at hand? How did he get caught with the cc details and COD hacking?
    Interesting news, but Luke you made me miss the point at the end.

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