Can Rift's Player-Versus-Player Revamp Save It From The Oncoming Storm?

Trion World's MMO rift has done well enough for itself, but with Tera underway and The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 looming, they've got to be feeling some heat. Can the newly revamped three-faction Conquest system keep folks playing?

I'm not quite sure. I mean, Rift is a solid game with plenty of character options and lots of things to do, but it lacks personality. I'm not sure the solution to such a problem lies in transforming the two-faction conflict the game shipped with into something more akin to what's went on in Dark Age of Camelot or the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online.

Or maybe this is exactly what Rift needs. This, and German subtitles.


    that man has no chin.

    Looks pretty interesting. I'll wait for some community feedback before resubbing though

    No one should be worried about "The Elder Scrolls Online" all the information we have correctly points to a traditional "WoW" style MMO not a First Person RPG (MMO )done correctly which is what elder scrolls is known for and in that it will just be another "WoW clone" that will fail.

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