Capcom Tries To Fix Street Fighter X Tekken, Breaks It Instead

In updating the console versions of Street Fighter X Tekken to fix a few bugs, Capcom has accidentally introduced a new one, which completely breaks the game. Whoops.

Anyone updating to 1.04 and using Rolento's knife to attack a projectile will find that the results are not exactly desirable, in that it locks the game up, requiring a restart.

Bookies are now taking bets on what breaks when Capcom tries to fix this one. And by bookies, I mean me.

KhaosGaming [YouTube, vis SRK]


    *slow clap*

    Don't ever change Capcom.

    Man I'm sick of them patching fighting games.
    I don't play for sport so I don't give a f*ck who's got what advantage.
    Fair enough for competitions but they're taking the fun out for casual players.
    All the patching got me tired of MK, character fun one day... dog sh*t the next.

      Play offline and don't update your game. Easy fix for you, and it leaves us free to enjoy balanced gameplay online.

    Not to worry people, the fix is actually on the disc and will be unlocked in DLC released next week for $9.99.

      +3 haha

      lol you used the same joke I used a couple of days ago :P

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