"Celebrate" May 4th With Probably The Worst Star Wars Video Game Ever Made

There are loads of terrible Star Wars games. We’ve talked about them here before. But there’s different reasons someone can say a game is terrible. They might not like the genre, or the platform, or the way the game has treated the Star Wars canon.

One thing many will agree on, though, is that the absolute worst Star Wars game ever made was 1997 disasterpiece Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Taking its name from a style of unarmed combat present in Star Wars’ expanded universe, Teräs Käsi was a PlayStation fighting game which looked a bit like Tekken, but sadly played nothing like it.

Using 3D characters in arena-style stages, Teräs Käsi concoted a flimsy plot about an assassin hunting down the Rebel Alliance to construct a fighting game in which players could make Chewbacca fight Darth Vader, Boba Fett take on Han Solo or, well, just about any other combination they could think of from a roster of 12 characters (actually 13, but Leia’s in there twice).

At the time, it wasn’t received too poorly. And you’ll still find today people saying “oh, it’s not that bad”. Ignore them. This game was offensive on all levels.

As a fighter, it was terrible in that it was slow, clunky and unfairly balanced towards characters with lightsabers. As a Star Wars experience, it was even worse. Not that “breaking canon” is something only this game can be accused of, but man, this was extra stupid. Not even the inclusion of Slave Leia as a character could save it.

My biggest gripe at the time, though, was how much of a waste it was! How it could have been something actually worthwhile. It was developed in-house by Lucasarts, the team behind some of the finest 2D pixel art the world has ever seen. Even in 1997 (well, 1998 for me, since that’s when it was out in PAL territories), it seemed ridiculous they’d try – and fail – to make things 3D when a 2D fighter would have not only looked better, but also presumably have been easier to make as well.

Sure, you can say “well, it might not have sold as well”, but hey, this game didn’t sell well. Because it was terrible!

Oh, and before we go: if you say “no, Star Wars: Rebellion” was the worst game, I will probably ban you, because such talk makes me very upset.


  • Well, I’ll be the asshole

    Star Wars: Rebellion was possibly the worst Star Wars game I’ve ever played

    On an unrelated note…Good job again Luke! That’s (at least for me) 2 for 2 on decent articles

  • I actually had that game on my PsOne, many many years ago. I think i bought it cause it was cheap and was getting back int o StarWars agoain.

  • Hmm, what about Star Wars Kinect? Coming up the outside lane, surely? Also, I sank so many hours of my young life into Rebellion. I thought it was the best game ever. I don’t think that anymore, but I certainly wouldn’t call it the worst Star Wars game.

    Though I think this exact article was posted at this exact time last year…

  • My friends hated Masters of Teräs Käsi as well. Not because of the game, but because I was THAT kid, who knew all the moves and just how to be a cheap prick.

  • Star Wars Rebellion, i’ve got the game at home to prove it…. and i’m an avid RTS/Turn Base player. Star Wars: Rebel Assault could also be a contender, CD game only, but unless you had a 4x CD player, it would lag. The only problem was that in 1993 there were hardly any 4x CD-ROM players, usually only via SCSI and cost an arm & leg… Got that one too… i’m a SW tragic.

  • I loved star wars rebellion, as if people could hate it =(

    Played it as a kid and there was nothing more satisfying than playing the OP empire lol

  • Apart from the sill “story” it wasnt that bad, those graghics were actually pretty good for PS1 and the gameplay was about equel to most second tier fighters back then.

  • Looks like someone hasn’t played Rebel Assault II. Because if Teras Kasi was bad…

    • Yes Rebel Assault II for the PS1??? THAT is hands down the worst Star Wars game ever attempted – I remember renting it out thinking “cool: Star Wars” boy that was an awakening to just how bad a game could get

  • wasn’t there a point where Sony wasn’t letting companies make 2d games on the playstaton? I remember reading something about that.

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