Check Out All The Loot In The Diablo III Collector's Edition

Blizzard certainly didn't skimp on the Diablo III collector's edition. It's a big honkin box, filled with an amount of loot appropriate for a game that is all about, well, loot.

Stephen's copy arrived at Gawker HQ… but he wasn't there to receive it, so our own Tina Amini opened it up and had a look. Sorry, Stephen! That art-book is as good as gone.

Come for the video game unveiling, stay for the hidden video game graffiti and lifestyle tips!


    I was impressed with the quality of all the stuff. The Art Book is really interesting.

    Wow, thanks for showing us all this stuff which you could only get through an exclusive preorder, making it pointless to be interested unless you're already getting one!

    That and unboxing videos are made of pure cancer.

      Bitter :p

      Someone's a little mad today. Maybe take a nap. Might help you calm down.

      Don't want to see it? Then don't look lol

      Relax man, the servers will be online soon and you can play as much as you want.

      Have an apple juice and a nap with your blankie and you'll feel better :)

    Fucking hurry up and deliver my shit EB (Perth)

    How does Diablo III play, is it just a dungeon crawling clicker-clicker with an isometric view?

      Just a dungeon crawling clicker-clicker with an isometric view?

      I don't know where you were during the Diablo I-II era...

    Haven't had a chance to pick mine up yet. WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO!???? AAARRRRGGGG!!!!!!

    Any idea where to grab a spare guest pass off an aussie? Not sure the best places to look for people handing out their spares

      I have a spare champ if you have not got one yet give me your email and ill send it over

      There's one in TAY at the moment, giving away passes to folks left in the lurch by GAME.


    I'm still not sure whether I'm getting this or not...
    I preordered a couple of months ago as soon as Dungeon Crawl opene their orders, but llast I heard they weren't sure if their supplier would have them or not.
    I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this one...

    Can we get a look at the Ghost Recon Collectors Edition?

    That babe is HOT

    They should put gold in one of the boxes for 10 lucky persons.

      10 boxes (last minute edit fail)

    good work kotaku. give the unboxing job to a girl who appears to know nothing about the game.

    and dont worry about showing us one or two shots of the artbook we really arnt interested in seeing what its like inside.


    Good God I want that USB. hopefully they'll turn up on ebay for a decent price.

    damn, never realised how big that skull was!

      you mean it's tiny?

    You NEVER open another persons collector's edition!

    Officially, I'm sticking to the get rid the rainbows in diablo boycott!!

    unofficially I don't have any money at the moment, anyone want to give me a free copy??

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