Check Out The First Volume Of The Double Fine Adventure Documentary

If you pledged financial support during Double Fine's now-legendarily successful Kickstarter campaign, you probably already saw this video. But if you didn't, now you get to.

2Player Productions is making a documentary tracking the game's progress, and those who supported the kickstarter. Now, volume once is available to the public — you can watch it below. In the video, Double Fine head Tim Schafer and his rogue's gallery of game-makers talk through the inspirations for the project and look back on their Kickstarter.

And hey, if you want to get in on the game and see the documentary chapters as they're released, as well as secure a copy of the game when it's completed, you can give $US15 via Pay Pal through the game's page. It's like the Kickstarter than never stops!



      Power to the Players :)

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