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It's been a rough ol' week for Markie (yes, I'm talking in the third person now...). I've been sick as a dog, so I'm looking forward to resting up over the weekend. But before that I have one more honour to bestow upon a single person in our glorious little group of Kotaku buddies! Welcome to Community Kudos!

Kotaku buddies? You guys like that? Cute right! We're cute! We're all buddies!

(I'll stop now)

First off I'd like to address a wee problem, it seems to have been-a-brewing and I'd really like to nip it in the bud, or at least address it!

Idiot commenters! It seems like Kotaku Australia has them now! I knew this day would eventually come, especially once we turned off the 'must approve all comments' button. It's something that has been plaguing me for a while, and I'd like to ask for your help...

Well, actually first I'd like to thank you all. Firstly for being great commenters and killing those fools with logic, secondly for just giving me the heads up when things are getting out of hand. But I'd like to ask one more favour...

Please use the report button — that's why it's there. If someone is being a jerk, even slightly, don't be afraid to report it!

The fact is, the site has grown so much, particularly when it comes to comments. If I were to approve every single comment that would be all I do. All day. It would mean less local content on the site and that would be a shame I think. It's a while off, but Ben is working on a new comments system that will hopefully make things a little better in the long term. I've heard some of his ideas and they're pretty incredible.

Secondly the issue with US stories. I know a lot of you have a problem with some of the content coming from the US. I'll be honest — sometimes there is content I'm not a personal fan of myself, but I think we all need to understand that the audience in the US is a little bit less awesome compared to you guys!

What you guys might not realise is that we're actually being a lot stricter with the content coming through in response to your complaints. Every now and then a bad article slips through the net, but we're being a bit more stringent to make sure you guys get the kind of content you like. There will be things you disagree with, for sure, and articles you think are plain stupid, but we are trying to get the balance right here.

And always— if you think something is inappropriate, just let me know. I'm always happy to hear feedback from you guys, and sometimes I get stuck in my little Ivory Tower writing content, so I don't always notice these things!

Anyway — thanks everyone. ON TO THE NOMS!

I'm going to start with my favourite nom email of the week, which was from Cakesmith.

Markus Marksman I don't even know man. Everyone deserves a nom.

Give it to *spins wheel of fortune style wheel*


because of *looks behind door number 3*

Hilarious posts


We had a first time nommer, which always makes me a happy dude. It was from StuMan (Are we StuMan, or are we dancers?) The nom was for McGarnigal for being "mega awesome" and giving StuMan a Diablo III guest pass key.

Chuloopa! What is this game? What is this 'in my ass' game I've been hearing people speak of? Greenius sent me this nom...

Also one for Chuloopa for his "in my ass" game. Uhh, I know it sounds bad but basically you take the title of the song you last listened too and add "in my ass" at the end. Many lols were had reading the results of this 'game'.



Greenius also wanted to give a big hug to everyone who has had a bad week. *HUGS*

The BatGuy — it's been a while since I've had a nom from him. He wanted to thank everyone who has been fighting the good fight against troll commenters. For some reason he highlighted Bish, cause "he needs more stuff". I have no idea if this is true or not. Bish — do you need more stuff?

Man, ShiggyNinty. I don't know what to do with this tall bastard (who I love with all my heart).

In bullet point form here are his 'noms'.

- First for The Cracks for being my dick kicking partner in Max Payne 3. He my main homie. - Second for the Testicular hitting Pez for getting his house and proving even weirdos like him can lead normal lives. - Third for Doc What and all the help on us producing our Podcast. Without him it would be like a punch in the crotch.

At the moment, Shiggy's 'thing' seems to be talking about people's dicks being kicked and/or punched. It's just a phase. We've all been there.

And finally, Scree nommed a million people, so I'm just going to list them.

The folks on TeamSpeak — Dr. Freyr, Noobheadshot, Blaghman, Tech Knight, Trjn, Greenius, Bish and Alpha Prospector for hitting up Team Speak for the first time.

Scree's Mum dropped some noms again! For Negative Zero, Tech knight, Trjn and Cakesmith — thanks for getting her netbook up and working! Apparently she would email me herself, but she doesn't have an email yet. THANKS SCREE'S MUM!

Man, choosing a winner this week is hard...

I'm going to go with McGarnigal. Just because he is awesome. And the Diablo III thing was a nice thing to do. Also it was from a first time nommer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.



      Dammit here i was thinking it was a scrubs reference

    You're on the case this time, McGarnical!

    I mean uh, grats buddy!

    McGarnical, you dirty dog!


    I totally went back to Cakesmith's nom and re-read it. When I first read it it seemed like Batgirl got a nom for "*looks behind door number 3*" (I was confused by this) and Cakesmith nominated himself for "Hilarious posts". It all makes sense now!

    <3 you all buddies, so much so that I took a break from clicking to find and read this Kudos post!

      Actually I just looked back through the archives and he is actual the 86th winner of community kudos so that makes him the 86th best person on the site

    Now on Kotakul: McGarnical is framed for an Anti-Kudos he didn't deserve and only one witness can clear his name, a little sissy boy who's to scared to come forward...

      I'm scared, McGarnical.

        Billy's DEAD!

    "Iron Hand" in my ass... oh dear god


      There are some really great ones on page 17 of TAY

        Page 17... I'm assuming the page number was your doing.
        Listening to Ben Folds Five:
        Brick in my ass.
        1 Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces in my ass.
        Steven's Last Night in Town in my ass.
        Missing the War in my ass.
        I'll stop now.

    Awesome stuff McGarnigal1 :D

    So.. Mark.. what WAS the last song you listened to?

    Sughly is way too good at Trials. >.>

    Congrats McGarnical. Now celebrate by playing that Alan Wake DLC some more!

    Gosh darn it I'd love to be a part of this whole Noms thing, is actively participating in TAY generally a requirement? I'll try harder damn it.

      No, most definitely not.
      I guess generally it increases your chances because it's more likely we'll talk to you more, but there have been noms for non-TAYers.

      Regardless, drop into TAY anyway!
      We will call you by your real name and make things weird.

      TAY is certainly not a requirement. Most of the noms come from there as that is were a percentage of the community end up and talk regularly.
      If you see people on the site that you want to nom then please do so, those of us who frequent TAY would like nothing more than to have a non TAY member who does great things for the site receive the kudos they deserve



    Now, my thoughts on the whole US content thing attracting the wrong sort of people. You know I am serious because I am not allcapsing.
    I think Mark has a mighty fine balance. Sites like these are both about games and for gamers. The former is obvious, but people seem to forget about the latter. When Mark asks us (for example) what our music tastes are, that's him engaging with us, and us gamers talking to other gamers, not game related at all. At that's fine.
    I'm not saying this is free reign to post, say, "Sugar Shout out: Week Trends, Women of Style, etc etc" on Kotaku, but you know, should some gamers on Kotaku wish to talk about that, I don't think it would be unjustified.
    So that article about priveleged straight, white males, for example. As I said, it's a curious read (refraining from saying "interesting" here). Though it strayed from gaming relevance due to the core issue, it's hardly something to get mad over. It generated discussion, and there was legitimate debate over both the content and quality of the article. Read it, have your say or don't, and move on. Simple.
    Personally, I think it's more enjoyable just to be bearably stupid (like having a fixation on the article's hipster and completely ignoring the article's content) and have fun with it all.
    People; both inside and outside of TAY, need to loosen up. Tis the internet, friends! Better to have a bit of fun trolling the trolls than to get grey hairs dissecting their terrible arguments! We still have some great commentors here! Glue to them! They are pretty cool guys. They afraid of many things, like spiders, but I would not blame them for it.

      I'm totally with you on this.. it's predominantly games, but also gaming/geek culture.
      I've said it before, but you only need to look at the name of the site and understand it's origin.
      Sure, not everyone would agree, but I for one love to see articles that are not specificially about a game. It brings a little variety in to the site, and that's what keeps me coming back! (apart from the community of course). People really need to take a chill pill when it comes to bitching about the content on here. I don't agree with some of the articles on here, or even have an interest in some of the things, but if I don't, you don't find me reading them, and then leaving comments about how much it sucked. I just don't read it if it doesn't interest me. If you do decide to read something and it's not your cup of tea, take a leaf out of Tracey's book.. roll your eyes and move on. There's no need for slander and trolling. The people whom it's aimed at are highly unlikely to ever see it anyway. If by chance you have reached the point where it's getting under your skin too much, then say goodbye..go back to 4chan, don't come back, and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, cos we don't need you leaving your skidmarks as a reminder of what an unpleasant individual you are.

    Wow, thanks Mark and StuMan!

    It was aim incredibly hectic week for me at work and I've had precious little time for killing hell spawn, so I'm glad I was able to share around those guest passes.

    The good news for me is I got everything done that I needed to at work and am now free to kill hell spawn and bullet dodge around favelas for at least a few hours this weekend.

    It's so nice to end the week with a post like this! Kudos to all, and high five o/

    Grats McG!
    Also, Max Payne 3 is awesome. It got 42/5 shiggys. That's how awesome it is.

    Bish definitely needs more stuff - maybe the kudos box contains a non-shitty cane? I singled him out as just one of the awesome positive commenters in the hopes that he might win kudos. But I failed. Sorry Bish. But yay McGarnical!

    OMG! My phone just capitalized Bish! It's alive, it's learning! Clever girl...

    Hell Mark, let me nominate YOU for the post above all the nominations. Should be an easy one, you won't have to ship your prize anywhere ;)

    Haha I just saw this. And Fats didnt. This is good.

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